Can patients with hepatitis B get married?Can the same room with patients with hepatitis B be infected?Understand and make a decision

Hepatitis B is a hepatitis B virus, which is contagious, and they have a thorough healing method. They can only control the condition through treatment.It is precisely because it is very contagious, so patients with hepatitis B often stagnate in front of marriage, and some people are worried about sex with patients with hepatitis B and can be infected with hepatitis B. Next, these problems come together.Discuss.

Of course, patients with hepatitis B can get married, because hepatitis B is not a type of prohibiting marriage.Many people have a lot of concerns before they decide to marry patients with hepatitis B, mainly to consider whether they can be infected.If you want to know the answer to this question, we must first understand the transmission path of hepatitis B. The pathway of hepatitis B is mainly the following are blood transmission, sexual transmission, maternal and baby communication, and close contact.As long as the partner is vaccinated with hepatitis B vaccine, hepatitis B antibodies in the body, and the daily life of patients with hepatitis B is not infected with hepatitis B virus.Another problem can cause people’s troubles, that is, the life of hepatitis B patients.Patients with hepatitis B are not necessarily short -lived. It can be very longevity through reasonable treatment and life.However, if you want to marry patients with hepatitis B, you still have to look at your choice. No matter what choices, you should be respected.At the same time, patients with hepatitis B must also tell the other person in truth that they must not conceal them.

Hepatitis B virus exists in the patient’s body fluid, so when hepatitis B patients are sexual life, hepatitis B is might be infected.However, if the partner has antibodies in the body, a hepatitis B vaccine is inoculated, and the use of condoms, the chance of being infected is very small.Kissing patients with hepatitis B will not be transmitted to hepatitis B, because saliva is not a way to spread hepatitis B patients.Do not have prejudice and discrimination for patients with hepatitis B because of these. We must respect each other, and tell each other clearly even if they refuse.Since it is decided to be with patients with hepatitis B, we must overcome the difficulties, pay attention to the care and support of patients with hepatitis B in life, and help them control their condition.

There is another question of female hepatitis B patients who can be more concerned about whether they can get pregnant and have children. This is also what female patients with hepatitis B need to figure out before they get married.Although it is said that maternal and baby transmission is a way of transmission of hepatitis B, before pregnancy, during pregnancy, after production, scientific blocking measures can be successfully blocked by hepatitis B.Therefore, before deciding to prepare for pregnancy, go to the hospital for examination to see if your physical condition and the number of viruses in the body are suitable for pregnancy. If you are suitable for pregnancy, you can actively prepare for pregnancy.During the first checkup, the doctor should be told truthfully that he was the fact that he was hepatitis B patients, obeyed the doctor’s guidance and suggestions, and made scientific blocking.After the child is born, the hepatitis B vaccine will be vaccinated, so that there are antibodies in the body, and the resistance ability will increase.

Patients with hepatitis B can get married and have children, and do not prejudice too much on them in this regard.In any case, you must understand the relevant knowledge of hepatitis B, and understand where you need to pay attention when you get along with patients with hepatitis B, so that you can be more correct when making a decision.

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