Can pregnancy cure teeth?Looking at the teeth to shoot X -rays to cause teratogenic?Does hemp medicine affect the fetus?

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Toothache is not a disease, it is really terrible to hurt, but the more terrible is toothache during pregnancy.

The problem of toothache during pregnancy is really difficult to get a lot of pregnant mothers: Can I cure teeth during pregnancy?Can you take anesthetic?Or can we only endure toothache during pregnancy?This is not a trivial matter.

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In fact, many pregnant women have potential tooth health problems before pregnancy. After pregnancy, due to some physiological changes, the health problems of the teeth are concentrated at once. Among them, the most obvious outbreak is periodontal disease.

Why does periodontal disease erupt so "prominent"?There are three main reasons:

① Women’s immunity will decrease after pregnancy, so the power of fighting with bacteria will also weaken, so that the germs of the periodontal periodontal in the mouth will grow in large quantities, leading to periodontal disease.

② During pregnancy, the content of estrogen and progesterone in women’s body will increase, and there is a bacteria in periodontal pathogenic bacteria that are estrogen. ThereforePeriodontal disease.

③ During pregnancy, women’s dietary laws usually change, and may become less eat or like sweets. If pregnant women with these two diet habits do not clean their mouths in time, the food residues in the mouth will be residual in the oral cavity.It will cause a large number of surrounding bacteria to breed, thereby increasing the probability of periodontal disease.

In addition to periodontal disease problems that are more prominent, women will also have dental sensitivity, gingivitis, dental caries, gingival tumors, wisdom tooth crown inflammation such as gingivation, gingiva, and wisdom toothurlery during pregnancy.

In principle, it is best not to receive oral treatment in the first three months and the next three months of pregnancy, which may induce the abortion of the fetus.However, if some dental diseases are delayed, they may lead to more complications.

It is indeed that studies have confirmed that the oral problem of pregnant women is very easy to get the fetus. If some bacteria produced in the oral disease enter the blood circulation system, the healthy development of the fetus may be affected by the placenta, which will cause malformations to deformOr abortion.

For example, periodontitis, which is common during pregnancy, may cause maternal premature birth rate (less than 32 weeks) higher than 5-7 times higher than healthy pregnant mothers.

Therefore, the safest method is to postpone all unnecessary dental surgery to the birth of the child. Those urgent dental treatment, such as root canal therapy or tooth extraction, it is recommended to treat it between the four and June pregnancy.

Under normal circumstances, pregnant women need to avoid shooting X -rays during pregnancy. However, when doctors diagnose dental caries or other diseases, they usually need to use X -rays for final diagnosis.The suggestion of this situation is to try not to shoot without shooting X -ray films. If pregnant women have to shoot, they need to meet the following conditions:

① The application volume of x light should be as little as possible;

② The radio beam of X light should be as small as possible to avoid directly illuminating the abdomen and thyroid gland of the pregnant woman;

③ Use a lead -containing apron to cover the abdomen to protect the fetus.

According to a professional physician: The radiation dose of a small dental sheet is about 5 micro -sisi, the radiation dose of panoramic dental sheets is 7 microis, and the radiation dose of dental CT is about 100 microis.

In daily life, we sitting for a 10 -hour mileage aircraft is equivalent to receiving radiation of 30 Micro Sisi.For those who do not contact radiation work, the normal natural radiation dose is 1000-2000 microever each year, so the radiation dose with a far less than 100 microeifer at a time has basically no effect on pregnant women.

Therefore, in the case of protection, the necessary X -ray examination of pregnant women can be carried out safely.

During the process of pregnancy, women are usually best not to take anesthetic, but in the process of oral therapy, the anesthesia method used is local anesthesia, and the amount of anesthesia used is very small.

Studies have shown that the use of hemp medicine at present has not increased the chance of pregnant women and fetal malformations and organ damage.Therefore, the use of local anesthesia for pregnant women does not need to be absolutely prohibited.

Although pregnant women in the process of pregnancy, emergency dental problems can be treated in the three relatively safe months of three relatively safe months of pregnancy, but there are still many taboos in other time periods., Should adhere to the attitude of preventing treatment.

Under normal circumstances, dentists recommend that they need to go to the hospital for dental examination every six months. In addition to dental examinations, pregnant women also need to keep their mouth health at home.

At this time, what pregnant women need to insist on doing:

① Change a soft toothbrush to reduce the damage to the gums.It is recommended that children’s toothbrushes can be used.

② Choose to use fluorine toothpaste and brush your teeth twice a day, but it should be noted that it is best not to exceed 1 cm each time.

③ Use vertical brushing method to clean it more thoroughly.

④ Try to brush your teeth within 20 minutes per meal. If you can’t do it, you must also rinse your mouth.In addition, at least twice a day.

⑤ You can use dental floss to help clean the "stubborn" position such as tooth seams.

⑥ If gum bleeding occurs, some sea salt can be integrated into warm water to rinse your mouth.

维 Eat more foods containing vitamin C every day to relieve the problem of gum bleeding.

⑧Conetic intake of unnecessary sugar during pregnancy. If you eat sweets, you need to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth immediately.

等 Do not brush your teeth immediately due to vomiting such as pregnancy and vomiting, so as not to let your teeth be completely exposed to the stomach acid.

Toothache is a very tortured problem. For the health and safety of the fetus in the abdomen, pregnant mothers need to insist on the protection of teeth during pregnancy.If you have a tooth problem during pregnancy, do not carry and drag yourself. Instead, you need to go to the hospital to check in time to avoid causing other complications. You suffer and affect the healthy development of the fetus.(SF)

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