Can pregnant female employees ask for fetal leave?How to calculate the salary?

Recently, online news broke out: a 36 -year -old female employee of Douyu Company asked for the birth of the fetus and was dismissed after being rejected.

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According to reports, the female employee "due to the reasons of age, she had signs of threatened abortion, as well as hypertension of pregnancy.On the review record, the words "28 days" are printed.The female employee asked the company to leave a vacation from the company according to the hospital’s diagnosis report and provided the company with relevant materials.

The picture comes from the Internet

However, the company’s manpower replies through the OA system: Combined with related materials, it does not belong to the case of diagnosis of pregnancy hypertension, and it is necessary to rest in bed to reject the disease leave.Since then, the company also relieved the labor contract with female employees on the grounds that the female employee was absent from work.

The picture comes from the Internet

The news event involves fetal fake issues.Do you have the right to ask for a vacation for pregnant female employees?Do the company be approved?

Article 10 of the "Measures for the Implementation of the" Special Regulations for Women’s Workers’ Labor Protection "stipulates that if a female employee is diagnosed with medical institutions, it is necessary to keep the fetus and rest, and the time to keep the fetal rest should be treated in accordance with sick leave.According to this regulation, as long as the medical institution is diagnosed, it is necessary to keep the fetus and rest, and the female employee can ask for the fetal leave.

If other regions do not have clear rules like Guangdong Province, can you still ask for birth?it is also fine!Reasons: Please ask for fetal leave equivalent to asking for sick leave.For sick leave, the company cannot refuse, but employees should perform their leave procedures and provide the company’s relevant diagnosis certificates from medical institutions.As long as the medical institution is diagnosed, it is necessary to take a vacation and raise diseases, and submitted the relevant diagnosis certificate to the company to perform the leave procedures. Even if the company disagrees, employees can still take sick leave, and the company cannot advocate that employees have no reason to absent from work for no reason.

Tip: It is important to provide the company’s diagnostic certificate and other materials to the company, and perform the leave procedures.If there is no proof material and no procedures for leave, the company can advocate that employees have not been absent from work for no reason, so as to legally fade!

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