Can pregnant mothers dye hair?

Many beautiful mothers may want to dye their hair during pregnancy, but they are worried that hair dyeing will cause harm to the baby, so they are all going on.Other pregnant mothers feel that she is using pure plant hair dye, and there should be no major problems.So, can the pregnant mothers who love beauty during pregnancy be dyed, and what harm does dyeing their hair have to the baby?

Since hair dyeing, hair dye is inevitable.There are many hair dyes today, but generally nothing more than three categories: ointment, liquid, and powder. Hair dyes can be divided into three categories according to their composition: inorganic hair dye (metal hair dye), synthetic hair dye (hair oxide dye dyeing agent (hair dyeing agent)) Botanical hair dye (natural hair dye).

Inorganic hair dye is mainly to blackened hair. Early inorganic hair dyeing agents were first painted silver nitrate solution on the hair, and then sulfurized solution. They react to generate black sulfide on the hair to make the hair color.The current inorganic hair dye also mainly contains metal compound dyes containing lead, iron, copper and other metals. The mechanism of action is mainly the effect of metal ions in the hair dye penetrated into the hair, and the sulfur effect in the cysteine in the hair protein is generated.Black sulfide, etc., the heavy metal ions contained in the hair dyed and dyeing hair are easily poisoned, which is very harmful to the human body. In addition to damaging the health of the hair, it can also cause some difficulty in treating diseases.

Lead is easily absorbed by the human body to form chronic poisoning. Chronic poisoning feels tired and appetite in the early stage. When developing, it may cause visual impairment, regenerative disorder, hypertension, and nervous system.The development of cells.The metal copper in the hair dye is absorbed by the human body. Slowly depositing excessive amount can also cause diseases. Excessive copper content in the body will promote lipid peroxidation, which will cause arteriosclerosis and fine arteries fibrosis.The probability is also greatly increased.

Synthetic hair dye is also called oxidant hair dye. It is generally a three -set system composed of intermediate agents, puppets and oxidants. There are two mechanisms for the role of such hair dyes: the first is that the melanin in the hair is oxidized by certain oxidant and oxidize.Destroy the color and generate a colorless new substance. Using this reaction, you can bleach your hair. The commonly used oxidant is hydrogen peroxide. In order to quickly and effectively bleach the hair, you need to add a catalyst.The process, the degree of oxidation is different, the hair is different, the greater the oxidation level, and the lighter the hair color.After the hair is bleached, the hair is dyed into the favorite color.The second role is to be used as an intermediate agent in a hair dye, such as phenylmamine or aminoly phenol is a small molecule of low viscosity, easy to flow, and can be moved to the hair keratin.The amino -based effects with hair protein, and the other end is connected through the oxidant to the puppet agent. In this process, the non -color dye molecules are attached to the hair to make the hair color.In the mixed pH value of phenylene, toluene, and other similar compounds in the hair dye, mixes different colors under different pH values with hydrogen peroxide.

The harm of the synthetic hair dye to people is both temporary and permanent. Among them, the damage of dyeing after bleaching is the greatest. The catalyst ammonia water used during bleaching is an alkaline substance.The stimulating effect can absorb the moisture in the skin tissue, degenerate tissue protein, and cause tissue fat to soap, destroy the cell membrane structure, and have symptoms such as skin pigmentation or finger ulcers for long -term contact.Ammonia can enter the human body through the scalp hair follicle, which can irritate and corrode the human body’s upper respiratory tract. When weakening the human body’s resistance to the disease, when the concentration is too high, the reflection effect of the trigeminal nerve ending can cause cardiac arrest and breathing stopping.The human body is very harmful.

Botanical hair dye is a new type of hair dye that is being studied and developed. It is made from natural plants or made of natural plants as raw materials. Except for others may be allergic, it is harmless to human and environmental substrates. HoweverDuring the R & D stage, the current scope of use is not wide.

Hair dyeing may cause bladder cancer, breast cancer, lymph cancer, etc., and hair dyeing agents on the human carcinogenic effect.As early as 1971, British scholars proposed that hair dye increased the chance of breast cancer in pregnant women; in 1978, American scholar Kolan further confirmed that pregnant women who often dye their hair have more lymph ball chromators.Animal experiments have also confirmed the carcinogenic effect of hair dye, and feeding animals with hair dyes has led to the occurrence of thyroid cancer, liver cancer, and genetic mutations.The United States has tested 169 permanent hair dye sold by the market and found that 150 (80%) of them have carcinogenic effects.In addition, the dye enters the human body through the skin follicle, and then enters the blood. The concentration of dyes is too high to dye frequently and cause the chances of lymphoma and leukemia in their own or fetal lymphoma and leukemia.

Hair dyeing is very harmful to the human body. Therefore, pregnant mothers must minimize hair dyeing as much as possible before or throughout pregnancy.

Maintaining a good external image during pregnancy can help pregnant mothers maintain good emotions and increase self -confidence in pregnant mothers.If you especially want to dye your hair during pregnancy, you will be slightly better to choose a plant hair dye.However, it should be noted that many such plant -based hair dye also contains some synthetic components (such as phenylene, phenolinol, and amino phenol) of the same chemical hair dye.These chemicals are the ingredients that mainstream cosmetics companies need to be added when producing permanent hair dyes and semi -permanent hair dyes.Therefore, some Chinese doctors believe that because the explanation of hair dye on the market is unknown and the quality is uneven, it is best not to dye hair during pregnancy or preparing for pregnancy.

At the same time, because the hair dye has a relatively large taste, the pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy are prone to pregnancy reactions, so they may aggravate the symptoms of nausea and vomiting, so they should avoid hair dyeing in the early pregnancy.Pregnant mothers should try to avoid using ammonia -containing hair dyes, because this type of hair dye has a strong taste.In addition, the hair of the hair during pregnancy will also change the hair. Therefore, the hair dye that may be used before pregnancy may not be used after pregnancy.

At present, I do n’t know if the chemicals in hair dye during hair dyeing are absolutely safe for pregnant women, so if pregnant mothers want to dye hair during pregnancy, it is best to wait for the early stages of pregnancy (3 months before pregnancy) to prevent it to prevent it to preventjust in case.On the other hand, if you are very worried that hair dyeing will bring danger to you and the fetus, then wait for your baby to dye your hair after birth.

In addition, for the pregnant mother who loves beauty, considering dyeing, gently coloring or hair care is also a good choice for both beauty and health.Because when beautifying the hair in this way, the hair dye enters your body through the scalp rather than the hair of the hair.Therefore, no matter what kind of way, such as picking dye, as long as the chemicals that your scalp can contact, you will minimize your amount of contact with chemical to synthesis from your hair dye.If you can’t believe the safety of the products used in a hairdressing shop, and if you want to dye your hair at home, then you must read the product manual carefully and try to shorten the stranding time of the product on the hair.At the same time, pay attention to bringing gloves and dye hair in a good ventilated place, so as to minimize the degree of contacting you to the degree of tough chemicals during your hair dye.

In fact, pregnancy is the most important period that can exude women’s beauty. Regardless of hair dyeing, pregnant mothers must firmly believe that they are still beautiful, and they must know that they are showing people differently from usual "pregnancy".Maintain your body well, pay attention to the reasonable combination of diet, sufficient intake of nutrition, and sufficient sleep and rest. The pregnant mothers can naturally emit beauty from the inside out, which is precious than any beauty means and decorative effects.

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