Can pregnant women drink alcohol or use their mobile phones?Are these taboos of pregnancy reliable?

Starting from the fetus in your stomach, you will start to instill various taboos during pregnancy, so that the entire pregnancy will live trembling, and you will hurt your baby if you are afraid of accidentally.In fact, some taboos are not unreasonable, but there are no scientific basis for some taboos. Here, we analyze the truth for you, clarify the fog, and let you be a happy pregnant mommy.

1. Can pregnant women drink, coffee or tea?


Some pregnant mothers like to taste alcohol, coffee or tea before pregnancy, so do they want to completely quit this hobby after pregnancy?Other than, the doctor explained:

1. Of course, it is not allowed to drink first. Severe alcoholism will cause fetal alcohol syndrome. This must be done.It is usually acceptable to drink a glass of beer or a small red wine a day.

2. In order to reduce drinking, coffee or tea within 3 months of pregnancy, it is best to drink.

3. After 5 months of pregnancy, if the expectant mother drinks 1 small cup of tea or 1 cup of coffee every day, it has little effect on the fetus.

2. Can pregnant women smoke?


Smoking himself is confirmed to have adverse effects on expectant mothers and fetuses, especially the first three months of pregnancy.

Smoking during pregnancy is related to the weight loss of baby’s birth and other diseases (such as premature birth and sudden infant death syndrome), which is already an indisputable fact.

Researchers have found that even pregnant women with less than 5 smokers per day, their fetal weight will be affected.To smoke pregnant women, if they want to make their baby be as healthy as other people’s children, the only way is to completely quit cigarettes.

3. Can pregnant women have sex?


According to tradition, pregnant women should not live sex during pregnancy, but in fact, few husbands and wives really stop their sexual life during pregnancy.In fact, pregnant women can also experience sexual blessings, as long as the gentleman seizes the right time.

1. Demonstrate period: Be careful in 3 months before pregnancy, especially 2 months before pregnancy. Sexual life should be avoided.

2. Appropriate period: By the end of pregnancy, it is 4-8 months of pregnancy. The husband and wife can do a house. However, you should still pay attention not to be too severe or excited to avoid causing uterine contraction.

3. Position: To take a safer position, do not compress the bulging abdomen.

4, semen: Because male semen contains prostaglandin, it can stimulate the uterine contraction of pregnant women, so it is best to wear a condom to avoid semen from entering the pregnant woman.

Fourth, can’t pregnant women drive?


Under normal circumstances, except for pregnant women, in addition to protecting the fetus in the abdomen, driving will not have much impact on the fetus on the fetus.However, pregnant women are really particular.

When pregnant women drive out, pay attention to the following points:

1. Absolutely prohibit others from smoking in the car;

2. Avoid traffic jams as much as possible;

3. Install sunscreen curtains to ease the sunlight;

4. Pregnant women are easily edema in both lower limbs, especially when they are sitting for a long time. At this time, a pad can be paved under the feet so that the shoes can be taken off or prepared a pair of soft slippers during their feet.

5. The correct method of seat belts: Pass the seat belt from the thigh and abdomen, so that it is close to the body, adjust the sitting position, so that the seat belt will not stuck around the neck.Place the seat belt between the breasts and don’t slide from the shoulders.

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