Can pregnant women dye their hair? Look at the latest research report

Can I still perm and dye my hair as soon as I am pregnant?Experts say that hair dye contains certain harmful substances, which is harmful to the human body. Pregnant mothers are best dyed less.Is the pregnant mother really missed her hair?What are the hazards of hair dyeing?Follow the [Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital] Director Zhou Xiaofei, that is, the person in charge of [Pregnancy Network] to take a look!

Harm of pregnant women’s hair dyeing:

Damage hair quality, hair loss

Human hair is composed of keratin, and keratin is formed by amino acids.During pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to provide sufficient nutrition for fetuses, which contains a certain amount of amino acids in nutrition.As a result, the amino acids of the hair will be reduced accordingly, resulting in hairs more vulnerable during pregnancy than before pregnancy.If you do hair perm or curly hair during pregnancy, it will bring greater damage to the hair quality and even cause hair loss.

Disposal reactions

Pregnant mothers change the hormone in the body during pregnancy. When the hair dye is exposed to the scalp, it will stimulate the skin and scalp, which may cause headache and dizziness and swelling on the face.Eyes may feel uncomfortable, even harmed, and difficult to open.

Fetal malformations, abortion

Hair -dye can be determined with toxic and harmful substances.The doctor also pointed out that perm -dyeing during pregnancy has a certain impact on the fetus.Light affects growth and development, and severe fetal malformations, congenital development defects, or even abortion.

Possible carcinogenic

The latest British research reports that pregnant women’s hair dyeing may cause babies to breed children’s neuroblastoma, which is a very rare childcare cancer.It will affect the development of the baby’s nervous system and other tissues, and bring more risks and harm to the growth of the baby.In addition, pregnant women’s hair dyeing may also cause pregnant women to cause cancer, such as skin cancer and breast cancer.

Pay attention if you have to dye your hair:

Do not dye in the early pregnancy

In the early pregnancy, you must not dye your hair before pregnancy.Therefore, at this time, it is the stage of the fetus just formed, and it is also the time when the incidence of fetal malformations is the highest.Even if you particularly want to dye your hair, it is best to consider these 3 months.

Don’t use it in large doses

There are also some scientific research.The harm of hair dye is not as serious as we think.Some hair dyes may cause harm to pregnant women and fetuses, but this is only possible when you use a large dose.In other words, large doses of hair once a month or two can only occur in fetal birth defects.

Use plant dye

Before deciding to dye your hair, you must first think about it. The behavior of hair dyeing will make you more pleasant or your worry about your baby.If you think you are more inclined to the former, choosing plant -based hair dye may be better for you.Botanical hair dye is more natural and gentle, relatively speaking, the scalp stimulation should be smaller.

Pick dye, light color

Hair dye enters the human body through scalp and hair dryer.Therefore, you can choose to pick up dyeing, and choose a part of your hair gently.Tell the hair designer to try not to let your scalp contact the hair dye, and reduce the chemicals that the scalp is exposed to the hair dye.

Hair dyeing at home

If you think the products and technology in the hairdressing store are not worth your trust, you can buy a safe and reliable hair dye product at home.Pay attention to choosing ventilation balcony dyeing. If you dye yourself, you must bring gloves.At the same time, try to shorten the time when the hair dye stays on the hair.

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