Can pregnant women eat bird’s nest? Six misunderstandings should be avoided by pregnant women to eat bird’s nest

The magical effect of bird’s nest in beauty and skin care not only has a large amount of practical experience, but also has its scientific foundation.Because of the beauty of bird’s nest, it is loved by women.So can pregnant women eat bird’s nest? So what are the benefits of pregnant women to eat bird’s nest? What are the misunderstandings of many pregnant women to eat bird’s nest? Let’s take a look.

1. What are the effects and functions of bird’s nest

1. Supplement the lungs and nourish yin, stop the lung deficiency of cough, and reduce lung qi disease.Including asthma, shortness of breath, chronic cough, blood, blood, hemoptysis, bronchitis, sweating, and low tide.

2. Nourish the stomach, stop the cold of the stomach, and vomit.The nausea, retching, and intestinal sound caused by stomach yin deficiency.

3. After the illness, the symptoms of weakness, injuries, and qi losses, with bird’s nests to eat, can nourish the yin.

4. Remove sweat, qi deficiency, spleen deficiency, sweat, frequent urination, and night urine.

5. Make people smooth, elastic and gloss, thereby reducing wrinkles.

6. Bird’s nest contains a variety of amino acids. Infants and children often eat wisdom, increase thinking, resist sensitivity, and make up for the shortcomings of the heavens.

7. Pregnant women have the effects of having a tire and replenishment during pregnancy, pre -delivery and postpartum.

8. Bird’s nest is a naturally increased fluid, and contains a variety of amino acids. It has inhibitory and competing effects on esophageal cancer, throat cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, and rectal cancer.

9, sequelae caused by electrotherapy and chemotherapy, such as dry pharyngeal, sore throat, swelling, constipation, hissing, nausea, etc., bird’s nest has improved significantly.

10. Bird’s nest is sweet and flat, nourishing yin and moisturizing. It is nutritious and beneficial food, has the effect of health care, and is a healthy food welcomed by the public.

2. What are the benefits of pregnant women to eat bird’s nest

First, improve the ability of pregnant women to resist.Scholars have extracted a substance that promotes the original.This substance can stimulate lymphocytes with wire divisions and can promote T cells or B cell division.Lymphocytes are an important immune cells in the human body. This kind of pyramid is divided in bird’s nest. It can improve the immune function of the human body through stimulating the mitative division of lymphocytes.

Second, the fetal fetus during pregnancy protects the fetus.Pregnant women eat bird’s nest during pregnancy, and have the effect of saving fetal fetus. This is recorded in history.The ancient medicine book "Materia Medica from the New" records: "Bird’s nest is nourished with lung yin, phlegm and cough, and can be cleared, to regulate the holy medicine of false labor." In Southeast Asian regions such as Hong Kong and Singapore, pregnant women have become custom.

Third, make the skin of pregnant women elastic.It plays a role in regulating the skin of pregnant women, and the epidermal raw (EGF) in the bird’s nest can directly stimulate cell division, regeneration, and tissue reconstruction.Beauty gene.

Fourth, bird’s nest acid and DHA.The scientific name of bird’s nest acid is the main component of the biological activity of bird’s nest, and it is also one of the necessary components of infant development in parenting breasts.DHA is what we call the golden brain, which plays an important role in babies’ brain development and retinal formation.

There are many benefits to pregnant women with bird’s nest. If conditions permit, it can be appropriately supplemented. Generally, the average person can choose other nutritional products to supplement it. It is not necessary to think that pregnancy must be supplemented by pregnancy.

3. When is the best for pregnant women to eat bird’s nest

First, when do you want to give birth, when is the best for pregnant women to eat bird’s nest?

Three months of pregnancy and three months after pregnancy, pregnant women are best to eat bird’s nest.

In the first three months of pregnancy, because the placenta has not developed well, and some other external factors, there are prone to abortion problems.This will cause pregnant women to be depressed, and families are prone to discord.Therefore, if pregnant women have poor constitution or have a habitual abortion history, you can eat bird’s nest after pregnancy, at least until three months of pregnancy.

In addition, the fetus is also prone to health problems in the next three months of pregnancy. It is recommended that pregnant women who keep fetuses also eat bird’s nest in the next three months of pregnancy.Once the next day, 3-5 grams each time, a small amount.

Second, want to nourish your beauty, when is pregnant women’s best to eat bird’s nest?

If pregnant women want to achieve the effect of nourishing beauty during pregnancy, it is recommended to eat bird’s nest during pregnancy.

Bird’s nest is rich in amino acids, as well as a variety of minerals and collagen, which is warm and sweet, and women are particularly good. Generally, pregnant women can eat throughout the pregnancy.Early pregnancy Bird’s nest has a certain relief effect on the symptoms of pregnant women’s vomiting, decreased appetite, irritable mood, dizziness, and heartbeat acceleration. Edible bird’s nest in the middle and late stages of pregnancy can relieve the problems of constipation, dry skin, and frequent urination of pregnant women.

3. Want to be good for the fetus, when is the best for pregnant women to eat bird’s nest?

If you consider the growth of the fetus alone, pregnant women start eating bird’s nest in the third month.

Because the fetus grows two months, the various organs of the body have begun to differentiate, the placental formation is formed, the choric membrane is more developed, and the body is in a period of comprehensive growth. This also indicates that the fetus needs more and more nutrients.At the same time, in the third month to seventh month of pregnancy, the fetal brain cells of the fetus are in the proliferation stage.The epidermal growth factors and water -raising substances in bird’s nest can directly stimulate cell regeneration, division and reorganization. Therefore, pregnant women should eat bird’s nest most during this period.

4. Six misunderstandings for pregnant women to eat bird’s nest

1. Misunderstanding 1: Eat blood swallows to nourish blood?

Relief rate ≤1%

The blood volume of pregnant women during pregnancy increases by 50%on average; coupled with factors such as early pregnancy vomiting and loss of appetite, led hemoglobin in the blood is relatively reduced, or insufficient intake of nutrients such as iron, folic acid, vitamins, etc., causing insufficient hemoglobin, causing anemia.The anemia of pregnant women is not enough. Traditional food iron supplementation (including eating bird’s nest or pork liver, etc.) can only play a alleviating role, and you need to seek medical treatment if necessary.

Reason: In theory, blood swallows may supplement blood, but the probability of buying natural blood swallows will not exceed 1%!

2. Misunderstanding 2: The most cost -effectiveness of low -priced swallows?

Relief rate ≤50%

The price of broken swallows is much cheaper than bird’s cream, but it should be noted that fake goods on the market are rampant.

Reason: Although the broken swallows are cheap, it is easy to buy swallows that are miscellaneous and fake, and contain a large number of chemical residues. It is cheap but not cost -effective!

3. Misunderstanding 3: It is convenient for eating bird’s nest to eat it and the effect is not bad?

Relief rate ≥50%

Reason: The pure instant bird’s nest is really convenient and nutritional value is the same as it is stewed by themselves, but it does not rule out that the bad merchants are fake.

4. Misunderstanding 4: The quality of bird’s nest sold in brand stores is more reliable?

Relief rate ≥15%

Many people think that buying a well -known brand of bird’s nest shops must be genuine. In fact, even if it is a brand with a high popularity, there will be products with mixed fakes to seek profits.

Reason: Most bird’s nest brands only pursue their popularity and do not care about the reputation brought by quality and services.

5. Misunderstanding 5: The bird’s nest purchased from Hong Kong or Indonesia is more correct?

Reliability ≈ 5%

Many mainland tourists like to buy bird’s nest in Hong Kong, thinking that the bird’s nest is better.But one of the facts that you have to tell you is that it is not a scene of artificially picking up to prove that it is pure bird’s nest.More than 95%of domestic bird’s nests are Indonesian goods entering the customs via Hong Kong. There are no authentic or authentic.It can only be said that what you bought is true or false.

Reason: It may be cheaper, all from Indonesia, no more authentic!

6. Misunderstandings 6: Bird’s nest is the best effect on eating and absorbing at midnight?

Reliability ≡0%

Bird’s nest is best to eat on an empty stomach to maximize the nutrients in the bird’s nest.It is recommended to eat on an empty stomach in the morning or before going to bed before going to bed, which will better absorb the nutritional ingredients of bird’s nest.

Reason: Because when we usually eat, the digestive system will secrete a variety of digestive fluids.If you eat a variety of foods at the same time, the digestive enzyme is limited to decompose, and the absorption effect will be relatively weakened.

Bird’s nest is a natural nourishing food, which contains health care functions. Men, women, and children can take them. Pregnant women can also eat bird’s nest.However, many pregnant women currently have misunderstandings about eating bird’s nest. This article introduces the six major misunderstandings of pregnant women to eat bird’s nest.You can take a look at whether you have these misunderstandings.

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