Can pregnant women eat crayfish?Eat and eat, the premise is to achieve these 3 points

Can pregnant women eat crayfish?This is a question that many expectant mothers will ask in summer.Crayfish is a delicious and nutritious food, but for pregnant women, will there be any risks to eat crayfish?

I have a friend. When she is pregnant, she especially likes to eat crayfish and eat a large plate every day.Her husband and family were worried that she was afraid that she would affect the health of the fetus after eating crayfish, and even caused abortion or premature birth.But she just did not listen to persuasion, saying that she had no discomfort, but felt that eating crayfish was very happy and satisfied.The results of it?She successfully gave birth to a healthy baby without any complications.She said that she felt that her baby was so strong and so cute because of eating crayfish.Does this story surprise you?

In fact, pregnant women eat crayfish is not an absolute taboo. As long as you pay attention to some matters, you can safely enjoy this kind of food.

Crayfish is a crustacean living in freshwater, which is vulnerable to contamination and parasitic infections.If you eat fresh, unclean, and unpredictable crayfish, it may cause gastroenteritis, hepatitis, skin diseases and other diseases, which will be harmful to pregnant women and fetuses.Therefore, pregnant women should choose carefully when buying crayfish to see if there are no smells, different colors, and alien crayfish, it is best to choose alive or ice.When making crayfish, clean it thoroughly, remove the sediment and internal organs, cook it with boiling water or steam, and not eat half a lifetime.

Although crayfish are rich in protein, calcium, iron and other nutrients, they also contain high cholesterol and purine.If pregnant women eat too much and frequent, it may cause problems such as rising blood lipids, elevated blood pressure, and rising uric acid, increasing risks such as pregnancy hypertension syndrome, gestational diabetes, and gout.Therefore, the number of pregnant women should control the quantity when eating crayfish, do not exceed 10 each time, and do not exceed 2 times a week.At the same time, it is necessary to match some light vegetables and fruits to supplement vitamins and cellulose to promote digestion and detoxification.

Because crayfish belong to hair products, it is easy to cause fire and allergies.Therefore, pregnant women should drink some warm water or chrysanthemum tea in time after eating crayfish, clearing heat and detoxifying, preventing oral ulcers, gum swelling and pain.If pregnant women with allergies, take some anti -allergic drugs in advance to avoid symptoms such as rash and dyspnea.If there is a adverse reaction, seek medical treatment in time.

In short, pregnant women can eat crayfish, but pay attention to choosing fresh, clean, and cooked crayfish, eat crayfish in moderation and match, and pay attention to the health care after eating crayfish.In this way, you can not only satisfy your appetite, but also ensure the health of yourself and your baby.I wish all expectant mothers a happy summer!

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