Can pregnant women eat rabbit meat?Can pregnant women eat rabbit meat?

Some folk rumors say that pregnant women cannot eat rabbit meat.What is the truth about things?Let’s find out today.

Bunny lips are medically called cleft lip and palate, which is a congenital malformation.There are many reasons for the newborn rabbit lips, mainly with genetic factors, virus infections, and serious lack of vitamins, smoking, drinking or some drugs to cause the baby to have congenital rabbit lips.But it is really not related to eating rabbit meat with pregnant women.

So rabbit meat does not cause fetal rabbit lips. Can pregnant women eat rabbit meat?

Rabbit meat is rich in high -protein, low -fat, and low cholesterol. It has the saying of "vegetarianity in the cricket", and the eight essential amino acids that the rabbit meat cannot synthesize in the human body, especially the lysine content is very high in very highIn Japanese rabbit meat, it is called "beauty meat". It is favored by young women and is often eaten as a beauty food.

But rabbit meat is sweet and cool.Generally, pregnant women should eat less cold foods, so rabbit meat can be eaten less, because rabbit meat can replace other meats to prevent blood sugar disease.And the calcium content in rabbit meat is very abundant, which is conducive to the baby’s bone development.Therefore, pregnant women can eat rabbit meat under the condition of control.

Therefore, the baby rabbit lips are really okay to eat rabbit meat.The rumors are not credible, so how to prevent children’s rabbit lips during pregnancy?

1. Avoid partial eclipse during pregnancy: expectant mothers should ensure a balanced and diverse diet, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, eat less sugar, salt and processed food.

2. Emotional stability during pregnancy: Pregnant mothers must maintain peaceful mood during pregnancy and avoid mental tension.If pregnant mothers have long -term anxiety, anxiety, fear and other bad emotions, they may cause fetal lip cracks or cleft palate.

3. Care for medication during pregnancy: Specific mothers avoid taking hormones or anti -tumor drugs, anticonid drugs, antihistamine drugs, etc. during pregnancy.

4. Pre -pregnancy medical examination: In the early stage of pregnancy, both the couple should conduct a medical examination. For family genetic diseases or immune diseases, they should be treated as early as possible to avoid harm to the baby.If expectant mothers have diseases such as diabetes, anemia, gynecological diseases, and hypothyroidism, they must be treated as soon as possible.

5. Avoid cold during pregnancy: The investigation found that an important factor in the rabbit lips is that many pregnant mothers have experienced colds in the early stages of pregnancy.

6. Prevention of virus during pregnancy: Special attention to expectant mothers should pay special attention to some virus infections such as rubella during pregnancy.

7. Quit smoking and drinking during pregnancy: Do not smoke or drink during pregnancy, avoid contact with radiation, microwave, etc.

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