Can pregnant women get a new crown vaccine?Can pregnant women suffer from new crowns?The Municipal Health Commission responded

On the 15th, in response to the recent hot issues of Chongqing citizens on the prevention and treatment of new crown pneumonia in pregnant women, the Chongqing Health and Health Commission specially invited experts from Chongqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital for answering.

Q: Can pregnant women vaccinate the new crown vaccine?

Chen Lin, director and director of the Pharmacy Department of Chongqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital: 1. The new crown vaccine does not contain the live virus, and pregnancy is not the contraindication of inoculation of a new crown vaccine (especially the new crown vaccine).When there is a risk of infection during pregnancy, especially when life and/or work are popular, it is recommended to take the new crown vaccine according to the procedure, and can be vaccinated in early, middle and late stages of pregnancy. Pay attention to observe whether there are adverse reactions.The long -term security evidence of the COVID -19 vaccine during pregnancy is still insufficient. In the absence of obvious risk of infection, the new crown vaccine can be temporarily vaccinated during pregnancy, but it is recommended to complete the vaccination as soon as possible after delivery.

2. After vaccination, the new crown vaccine is found to have no need to terminate pregnancy; and the vaccine vaccination procedure began with unknown pregnancy. Whether there is a dispute between whether to complete the whole process of vaccination, you can find a specialist or pharmacist for consultation to do a good job of examination and follow -up during pregnancy.

Q: Can pregnant women take medicine?

Chen Lin, Director and Director of Pharmacy and Director of Chongqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital: General principles: After pregnancy and lactating women, many people are "asymptomatic" after infection with new crown virus.Various networks are rumored to prevent severe diseases.Symptoms are more "mild", such as fever, dry throat, sore throat, nasal congestion, runny nose, etc. If pregnant women strongly want to relieve the symptoms, they can use the following drugs that are relatively safe to fetuses.

1. Reflected heat and analgesic drugs: If the body temperature is ≥38.5 ° C, it is necessary to use antipyretic drugs, acetaminol is the safest antipyretic drug during pregnancy. Remember to choose a single component to acetaminol.Antipyretic drugs.Removal drugs are only recommended for short -term use and cannot be taken over.The interval between the two medicines should not be less than 4 to 6 hours, and it cannot exceed 4 times within 24 hours.

2. For sneezing and runny drugs: If patients with severe symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, nose, itching, or have allergic rhinitis after pregnancy during pregnancy, you can choose to be treated with pine.If clothery must not be obtained, Sididizine can also be used as a replacement.

3. Cough and expectorant drugs:

At present, there is no absolutely safe western medicine in terms of urban cough and expectorant. Generally, it is not recommended to use it. If you need to use it, please consult the physician and pharmacist first.You can also choose the appropriate proprietary Chinese medicine after dialectics.

Yuchuang gly glycerin: It is not recommended for use 3 months before pregnancy.

You Mishafin: It is mainly used for dry cough. It is not recommended for use 3 months before pregnancy.

The addictive central town cough drugs such as reasons and compound preparations containing the ingredients that can be treated, the poppy shells such as powerful loquats, compound camphor and opioids such as compound licorice oral solution, etc., during pregnancy, breastfeeding periodDisable.

4. Pharmaceuticals of the nasal congestion: The first choice is equal to the infiltration or high temperature saline nasal rinse.

Which drugs are not recommended?

Lianhua Qing Plague capsule contains ephedra and rhubarb, and rhubarb is the "cautious" component during pregnancy. The medicine is cold and cold.It is recommended to use it under the guidance of Chinese medicine practitioners during pregnancy.

Compound cold drugs are not recommended. There are many varieties of compound colds and complex components. It may contain pregnancy, breastfeeding, and components such as diamond, ephedrine, and amino ratio.

It is forbidden to use Libavilin antiviral treatment. Libavirin is commonly known as "virusazole", which has a clear effect of teratogenic, abortion, and mutation.

Pregnant women are not recommended to use nasal hyperants such as ephedrine and pseudo ephedrine.

Question: I heard that pregnant women infected with new crown viruses will cause fetal abortion, deformity, white lung, lung function damage, etc. Is it true?

Wang Lan, director and chief physician of Chongqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital: Maternal and baby transmission is also called vertical transmission. It refers to the pathogens of maternal mothers to the Zi Dai through the placenta, birth canal, or breastfeeding.At present, international studies have shown that the probability of transmission in the new crown virus is extremely low.The domestic research team analyzed the existing cases in the middle and late pregnancy, and found that the new coronary virus was not detected in their placenta, amniotic fluid, and umbilical blood.Therefore, there is not enough evidence to prove that the new coronary virus can be infected through the placenta.This may be related to the following mechanism: 1. The transmission of the virus must reach a certain concentration through the placenta, but the study shows that the new coronary virus in the blood is not high; 2. The key to the new coronary virus infection with human cells isThe combination of protein ACE2 such as plain conversion enzymes, while the latter has a low expression on the placenta.As a result, the probability of maternal and infants is low.

There is no enough data to determine the impact of new coronary virus infection of pregnant women on the fetus.According to data from previous pregnant women suffering from viral pneumonia, premature birth, fetal growth, and mortality for mortal diseases have increased.New coronary virus infection is often accompanied by fever.Previous information shows that fever during early pregnancy can lead to structural malformations of fetal nervous tubes, hearts, kidneys and other organs. However, compared with those who have not fever during early pregnancy during early pregnancy, the general risk of newborn deformity has not increased.

Question: Can the new coronal virus be breastfeed during lactation?

Chen Ya, the head nurse and deputy director of the child and child health center of Chongqing Maternal and Child Health Hospital: Breastfeeding can be breastfeed.The new coronary virus infection is transmitted through the respiratory tract.The current survey research shows that the new coronary virus detected in breast milk is not a living virus, does not have contagiousness, and breast milk has a strong role in infecting the new coronary virus in vitro infected cells.Therefore, the possibility of the new coronary virus is very likely to spread through milk. If the new coronary virus is infected with the new coronary virus during breastfeeding, it can be breastfeed.

How to breastfeed?The infection of the new coronal virus during lactation requires the mother and infant room to be isolated to avoid direct breastfeeding.After the milk is squeezed out, it is fed by others without disinfection.In order to reduce the baby’s infection as much as possible, the mother should wash her hands (time greater than 20 seconds) before milk or breastfeeding.The bottle with milk is given to others before giving it to others to clean or disinfect it to avoid spreading the virus through the bottle.

During the epidemic, the baby mainly relies on the family to protect the child indirectly.In order to reduce the risk of baby infection as much as possible, a caregiver can be relatively fixed.Try to go out as much as possible.Before you contact your child, wash your hands, wear a mask, and don’t sneeze and exhale at your child.

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