Can pregnant women live in a newly renovated house?The doctor gave 4 suggestions, and many of the third one ignored

Question 1: Does the daughter -in -law have just become pregnant. If you live in a newly renovated house, will it affect the fetus?

Answer: Some chemicals will emit some chemicals in decoration materials and furniture, such as formaldehyde, benzene, lead, and pheasant. These substances must have an impact on the growth and development of the fetus.The second week to the third month after conception is the most sensitive period for foreign chemicals, because this time is the stage of the development of various systems of the fetus.The paint, coatings, adhesives, etc. in the decoration materials will release harmful gases, so it is best to contact such things within 3 months of pregnancy within 3 months of pregnancy.

Question 2: Will it not affect the fetus after 3 months of pregnancy?

Answer: It is not that it will be safe after the first three months.Because the fetus has three systems that continue to develop: nervous system, skeletal system, and reproductive system.Moreover, even if the other systems have developed in 3 months, there will be no problems in the structure, but the function may be affected.For example, listening, listening to nervous development normally, but hearing will be damaged.Moreover, these pollution will not only have recent impacts, but also have a long -term impact.Not only does it affect the fetus, but also the impact on the pregnant woman himself.

Question 3: Will the renovated electric diamond sound very loud, will it affect the fetus?

Answer: The boundary of the child’s hearing is 80 decibels.After 6 months of the fetus, the auditory center system has developed and responded to the sound.At this time, if the mother often comes into contact with the sound of more than 80 decibels, it is likely to affect the hearing of the fetus.Moreover, the noise of high -time decibels for a long time affects the balance of the nervous system of pregnant women.

Question 4: Will pregnant women go to the store to choose furniture and building materials, will it affect the fetus?

Answer: The harmful substances in the decoration materials and furniture have an effect on the fetus, but the prerequisite is that it is frequent in contact.If you just enter the furniture shop and building materials city occasionally, select furniture and materials, it will not adversely affect the fetus.However, decoration is a tiring thing. During pregnancy, especially in the early stages of pregnancy and early pregnancy, it cannot be too tired.

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