Can pregnant women make up after pregnancy?

People say that women are pleasing to themselves, but in fact women’s beauty is their nature.People who do n’t understand you ca n’t imagine how much a girl can make a sacrifice in order to become beautiful.Besides, who does not love beauty? After all, going out every day is also very good for yourself.But once women are pregnant, they seem to have a lot of things.

After pregnancy, the family tells you that you will be careful when you eat, and you will take care of you very much when you eat.At the same time, there are many taboos when you are pregnant. For example, you can’t make up. It is said that makeup is not good to the baby in the stomach and cannot do some severe exercise. Of course, these are to protect the babies in the belly.After pregnancy, everyone becomes careful, and the family is very normal to turn around pregnant women, but for some girls who love beautiful, they are not allowed to make makeup after pregnancy, which is a huge bad news.

I remember that when my girlfriend was pregnant, she was also because the family did not allow her to use cosmetics for makeup, and she was sad for a long time.But then she wanted to understand it by herself. After all, it was for her own children, and then she would not make makeup.I still knew it, remembering that she called me at the time, saying that let me go to her house to get something.I was mysterious at the time, and I didn’t know what happened.

Later, after I went to their house, I found that she packed all her cosmetics, and then told me that let me take them all away.I thought it was what happened to her at the time, but never thought that it was because she was not put on makeup because she was pregnant.After all, those cosmetics have a shelf life. If you do not use it as soon as possible, then the good cosmetics will be very distressed to expire.

Although there are a lot of cosmetics for pregnant women now, I was giving her a birthday at the time. When I picked her small cosmetics to send her, I noticed this. I bought it.But, because the family always feels that the chemical ingredients contained in cosmetics will not be good for the baby in the stomach, so she does not use it anymore.Pack all the cosmetics at home and take it away for me.I could obviously feel that she was very reluctant, but I did that.After all, when I was pregnant, I went to my house to pack my cosmetics, which was her.

In fact, after pregnancy, it does not mean that you cannot use cosmetics to make up.As long as we choose cosmetics, choose less chemical composition for pregnant women.However, after pregnancy, a large amount of hormones in the body will make the pregnant woman’s skin very sensitive.This is why the cosmetics used by pregnant women have very few chemical additives.In addition, after pregnancy, most pregnant women are very lazy. After all, it is very strenuous after a few steps after pregnancy.

In my memory, when my girlfriend is pregnant, most of the time is either eating or sleeping. Of course, if you encounter good weather and good mood, you will also choose to go downstairs with your family.But when she was pregnant, she was still very lazy.So, when she is pregnant, it is impossible to use skin care for makeup.

Of course, I saw a beauty blogger two days ago. After she was pregnant, she still insisted on makeup live broadcast every day.Of course, she was not like before when she was put on makeup. Instead, she switched to light makeup. She also paid great attention to using pregnant women when using skin care products.

In fact, pregnant women can also make up, as long as you choose a cosmetics for pregnant women.After all, there are people who love beauty. It is not impossible for pregnant women to make makeup who want to make them beautiful.It’s just that when makeup, leave more thoughts than usual.

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