Can pregnant women scald their hair?The development corridor said: It is not enough to breastfeed, let alone a pregnant woman

Guide: Can pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers scald their hair?

Some pregnant mothers have asked such a problem: Can pregnant women who are pregnant for six and a half months can I get my hair?What impact will be?

I found the opinions of a few mothers, including the mothers of the development corridor, all of which were opposed voices.

@1: A mother I know, pregnant and dyeing hair, the child’s eyes defect, low vision after birth, and no rule of rule.For the health of the baby, do you regret it after weaning.

@2: There are toluene in the perm, which is harmful to the baby and will cause malformations.

@3: I also want to hot hair, but I still have to wait until the baby is weaned.

@4: No breastfeeding, not to mention pregnancy.

@5: Baby health is important or beautiful?

@6: I used to make a hair salon. Pregnant hair is likely to cause malformations. Do not let them massage your heads on the outside, because it may cause abortion.Do not hot your hair during breastfeeding, you will enter the milk.

@7: I want to wash straight people, you do n’t wash it, you are still perm!I think you can forget it, not afraid of 10,000, just in case, to hold back for your baby.

Therefore, if you still listen to the voice of the person, it is best not to scal the hair.

Perm contains irritating chemicals, such as peroxides, amino groups and other aromatic substances, which can induce rash and respiratory diseases, seriously threatening the health of pregnant women.The perm can enter the placenta through the blood of pregnant women, affecting the health of the fetus.If it is a mothers of breast milk, harmful substances will enter milk through blood to endanger the baby’s health.

The perm will take a long time, usually 2-4 hours. Pregnant women have been perm in the barriers for a long time. Basically, they are sitting in a sitting posture. They are uncomfortable with their health.development.

1. The sound in the barber gallery is loud

In order to activate the atmosphere, some music is often placed in the barber gallery, and the sound is very loud and the rhythm is particularly strong.In addition, not a person and two people are in haircuts. The sound of the hair dryer is louder than the general home, and the noise is very many and very complicated.

The 6 and a half months of the fetus already have a strong listening ability. After listening to these sounds for a long time, they will feel restless, causing frequent fetal movements, and pregnant mothers will feel uncomfortable.

2. The smell in the barber gallery is large

The barber gallery is mixed with a variety of odors. The smell of perm water, the taste of hair dye, and the smell of shampoo contain a variety of chemical odors, which is very pungent.

Pregnant women’s sense of smell is particularly sensitive, and they will feel a headache when they smell these smells.If you enter the body through the respiratory tract, you may enter the placenta, affecting the normal development of the fetus.

3. The environment in the barber gallery is poor

The Barber Museum is generally closed environment, and it is rarely seen with breathable windows. In addition, there are many people, large smell, and the air is not very fresh. Pregnant women are prone to hypoxia in such an environment.Because of hypoxia.

In short, it is recommended that pregnant women do not scal the hair, wait for the baby to be born, and it is best to go to the perm after weaning.The new second child Bao Ma, senior childcare teacher, personalized training instructor, Qingyun plan winner, was invited by multiple platforms.Share your childcare experience with thousands of mothers, follow me, and obtain more parenting knowledge.

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