Can pregnant women suffer from eczema, can they use hormone ointment for external?

When you are pregnant, expectant mothers are very cautious about medication after suffering from skin diseases, for fear of adverse effects on the health of the baby.

According to statistics, about 30%of women will have various skin diseases during pregnancy. Among them, itching of skin is the most common, mainly various dermatitis, eczema, urticaria, pregnancy mucus, sweat herpes, pregnancy herpes, etc.The onset parts are different according to the disease.For dermatitis and eczema, any part of the body can appear, such as abdomen, limbs, backs, hands, external ear canal, etc.

What is eczema?

Eczema is an inflammatory skin disease with obvious exudation tendencies caused by a variety of internal and external factors.It has obvious itching and is easy to recur, which seriously affects the quality of life of patients.

Local topical drugs are the main means to treat eczema

Choose appropriate drugs according to the age of patients and skin lesions.For example, use stove -glyphosate washing agent, topical hormone ointment, zinc oxide oil, moisturizing agent, moisturizer and so on.

Some pregnant mothers consider the impact of drugs on the fetus, and they are unwilling to take medicine when they suffer from eczema.However, if it is a medium -weight eczema, itching exacerbation will seriously affect the sleeping mother’s sleep, and if the physical condition is not good, it will also affect the development of the fetus.

Can pregnant women suffer from eczema?

To answer this question, you must come up with the basis. If you just talk about experience, how can you afford the trust of the mothers?

So I checked a large number of domestic and foreign literature and made this question clearly.Let me report it now.

European Guide

Most studies have found that there is no significant connection between pregnant women’s use of external hormones and bad pregnancy endings (including childbirth, birth defects, premature birth and fetal death).

There is evidence that the mother uses powerful external hormones, especially in large amounts, which is related to low birth weight.

When using inefficient/medium -effective external hormones during pregnancy, the risk of low birth weight has not increased.

Theoretically, when treating high -absorbing areas (such as genitals, eyelids, armpits), the risk of adverse events will increase.

Regarding eczema, the European guide is said:

The absorption of 1 % hydrogenated milk cream during eczema increases to 11-31 times the relieving period.

In eczema, the skin barrier is damaged due to the changes in the function of the filament protein gene, and the risk of adverse events may increase.

Therefore, the European Guide suggested that pregnant women with eczema should use the minimum amount of external hormones as much as possible because the skin barrier is damaged.

In-depth analysis

Here I have to analyze it in depth, so as not to misunderstand the expectant mothers.

1. The guide did not say that pregnant women disable external hormones, including eczema.

2. For eczema, decide whether to use hormone ointment based on the severe disease and the onset parts.

3. Under some cases, there are no side effects such as stovenium washing agent and zinc oxide, but there are no effects.The expectant mothers do not need to endure the treatment.In fact, for pregnant women who have been pregnant for more than 3 months, topical hormone ointment, especially weak hormones, have a very low chance of adverse reactions.

for example

For example, this less severe eczema can first try the cooker Ganshi washing agent and zinc oxide oil.If it is invalid, you can use weak hormone or soft hormone ointment.

Hand eczema can be used directly with hormone ointment, and there will be no side effects.The effect is good, and the effect is fast.

For eczema in other parts, such as genitals, eyelids, armpits, the absorption rate has increased significantly.If the rash is accompanied by obvious ulceration and exudation, the skin barrier is damaged, which is equivalent to superposition and absorb more. It is best not to use hormone ointment in this case.

How to choose and use hormone ointment

Available weak or soft hormones:

Di -hydrogenation can be creamy cream, mimonic acid cream

Try not to use powerful hormone ointment:

Mossonium cream, propionine chlorine Bolito, especially here to pay attention to compound preparations containing propionine chloroprotoso, such as compound ketoconazole milk cream

How to use hormone ointment:

Di -hydrogenated milk cream is rubbed twice a day, and the continuous rubbing medicine does not exceed 2 weeks.

Ranic acid Mimimyon cream is wiped once a day, which does not exceed 2 weeks.

Not suitable for the treatment of eczema with hormone ointment

A small number of eczema is not suitable for hormone ointment because of more exudation.At this time, it is recommended to use calamine washing agent and zinc oxide oil (note that it is not zinc oxide ointment).It can be wet with physiological saline.In addition, more eczema exudate in Australia is often accompanied by secondary bacterial infections, which can be rubbed with erythromycin ointment or dwisidic acid cream.Sometimes it is necessary to cooperate with oral treatment.


1. Basic skin care is very important: Wiping drying after bathing and using external moisturizing agents or moisturizers will be beneficial to the recovery of eczema.

2. Pay attention to maintaining the appropriate environmental temperature and humidity, and minimize allergens in the living environment, such as changing clothes and sheets, no carpets, etc.

Underwear should be cotton and loose to avoid drinking and spicy food.

Observe whether it is dermatitis and itching after observing protein foods.Avoid fatigue and mental tension.

3. For some unknown severe eczema, it is possible that external hormone ointment cannot be controlled.At this time, oral medication may be needed.This involves a large number of oral medicines, and it will not be discussed here.

Can I use hormones for external pregnancy and lactation?

1. It is very safe to use hormone ointment during pregnancy, just stop the ointment for 2 weeks.

2. Breastfeeding can use hormone ointment safely, but if it is breast eczema, it cannot be rubbed on the breast.


Pregnant women can use weak or soft hormones such as cream creamy cream, bran acid Mimone pine cream, and bran acid.

It is not recommended to use powerful hormones, beware of compound preparations with powerful hormones.

For the thin and tender parts, if eczema obviously exudes, it is best not to use a hormone ointment.


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