Can pregnant women take medicine after a cold?How to prevent it?Teach you 2 anti -cold feeding recipes

Cold refers to an upper respiratory tract infection. Generally, when infected with virus or bacteria, it will cause a series of symptoms such as snoting, sneezing, nasal congestion, or fever, cough.

When these symptoms appear, as long as some cold medicines are taken appropriately, a series of discomfort symptoms will soon be relieved.

But in daily life, once a pregnant woman has a cold, many people will not let pregnant women take cold medicines, worrying about affecting the health of the fetus.So, do pregnant women really dare not take cold medicine after a cold?

Can’t pregnant women take cold medicine after a cold?

1. Affect pregnant women’s physical health

Some people think that the ingredients in cold medicines generally do not affect the fetus, so they can take cold medicine after pregnancy. This statement is not rigorous.

For example, in some western medicines that treat colds, they contain a large amount of heat -relieving analgesic ingredients, such as acetaminol, aspirin, and bisirchatinate. These drugs can relieve fever and headache and other symptoms.

However, some pharmacological ingredients contained will have a certain impact on the liver and kidneys of pregnant women. It can easily cause liver and kidney damage, or reduce platelets, which has a greater impact on the health of pregnant women.

Second, affect the normal development of the fetus

Some pharmacological ingredients in cold medicines are likely to directly enter the fetus through the placenta.For example, in the first three months of pregnancy, it is the most critical period of embryo.

If pregnant women take some western medicine at will, the pharmacological ingredients are likely to cause the fetus’s nervous system and the development of various organs, and even cause fetal malformation.

So, what kind of medicine should be taken when pregnant women have a cold?

For pregnant women, if the symptoms of colds are slightly mild, only mild runny nose and sneezing symptoms occur, so there is no need to take medicine.As long as you rest properly and make your body warm and diet.

If pregnant women have severe fever and cough, they must go to the hospital for treatment. They can take a small amount of Chinese medicine under the guidance of a doctor.This type of drug will have less influence on the fetus, but it must be used strictly according to the doctor’s instructions.

If there is a problem with the amount of dresses, or if the constitution of pregnant women is allergic, it may also have a certain degree of impact on pregnant women and fetuses.

In addition, in daily life, pregnant women must do a good job of preventing colds.Below, I will introduce two dietary prescriptions with cold prevention.

1. Ginger brown sugar water

Especially after the temperature decreases, pregnant women can use a few slices of ginger and brown sugar to boil water.This ginger brown sugar water has the effect of nourishing qi and blood, can also promote some cold air excretion in the body, and improve the blood circulation speed to prevent colds.

Second, ginger green onion white soup

If pregnant women have a cold symptoms such as runny nose or sneezing, they can drink with ginger and green onions and boiled water, which can play a role in relieving wind and sweating.When the temperature decreases, you can also cook some ginger onion and white soup appropriately, which has the effect of preventing colds.

All in all, once pregnant women have cold symptoms, do not take any cold drugs by themselves.Otherwise, the health of pregnant women and fetuses will be greatly affected.

If the symptoms are not obvious, just do a good job of life conditioning.However, if the symptoms are obvious, you should go to the hospital quickly and take some Chinese medicines for treatment under the guidance of the doctor.In addition, you can drink the above two soups appropriately in daily life, which can prevent colds and treat colds.

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