Can pregnant women use mobile phones, perm, and nail polish?Obstetrics and gynecologists to answer

When there is a new life in her belly, the expectant mother can’t help but worry more, pay special attention to every move in life, and fear that she will accidentally endanger the fetus in the abdomen.For the following 6 common questions during pregnancy, the obstetrics and gynecologists will be answered in detail for the pregnant mother!

Q1: Will the radiation of the mobile phone affect the fetus?

Many pregnant women are afraid of using mobile phones and tablets during pregnancy, and the electromagnetic waves they emit will affect the fetus.No study has been confirmed that electromagnetic waves of electronic products will cause harm to fetuses.

Electromagnetic waves belong to gamma rays. Whether it will affect the fetus depends on the dose. The intensity of the electromagnetic wave will decline significantly with the distance. As long as the distance is 1 cm, the strength will decrease a lot.If the pregnant mother will be worried, you can get the electronic products a little farther away from the stomach, which is only the same distance from these products, but there is no need to put on an electromagnetic wave protective jacket to isolate the electromagnetic wave.

Q2: Can I dye perm during pregnancy?

Many pregnant mothers are worried that dyeing and perm during pregnancy will cause adverse effects on the fetus.The chemical agent of the perm is mainly attached to the hair, and the probability of absorbing the scalp is relatively low, but if it is really absorbed into the body, the absorbed dose is usually very low. Although there is no relevant research at present, after the dyeing perm is not displayed, after the dyeing perm is displayed, it is displayed.What are the dosage of actual residual chemicals in the blood?

Try to avoid hair dyeing and perm as much as possible in the early stages of pregnancy, because the early stages of pregnancy is the critical period of fetal development, and the fetal response to chemicals will also be more sensitive. If you really want to dye the perm, it is recommended to wait at least about 24 weeks of pregnancy. To wait for the fetal organs to wait for the fetal organs to wait for the fetal organs to wait for the fetal organsIt will be safer to develop completely, because the chance of chemicals on the fetus has greatly reduced.

Q3: Can tattoos during pregnancy?

Because the tattoos will leave a wound, the pregnant mother may suffer from bacterial infection. In addition, it is impossible to ensure whether the tattoo needle is safe and whether it is disinfected. Therefore, tattoos are recommended during pregnancy.In addition to tattoos, such as embroidered eyebrows and lips, it should also be avoided during pregnancy, because the above is also an invasive behavior, which is also risk of infection.

In the past, a case was encountered. In order to commemorate the tattoos in the process of pregnancy, expectant mothers had symptoms of fever after about 1 month after about 1 month, and their stomachs were faintly painful. After arriving at the hospital, they found that they were infected.Because bacteria entered the blood through the wound, they entered the uterus and placenta through the blood circulation, causing the mother’s amniocemic cavity inflammation, and even the fetus in the stomach was infected.

Q4: Can I get my teeth during pregnancy?

Pregnant women have changed their hormones during pregnancy and changes in eating habits, which can easily affect the environment of the oral cavity, which leads to more likely to suffer from periodontal disease and gingivitis. Many pregnant women suffer from toothache, but they dare not extract teeth,Received treatment, worrying that anesthesia will affect the fetus.

In fact, the injection site for the treatment of teeth is only located in the mouth, and the dosage is very low, so expectant mothers do not have to worry about adverse effects on the fetus.In addition, after most dentists are treated, some antibiotics and anti -inflammatory drugs will be given to prevent wound inflammation. In the process of receiving treatment, pregnant mothers have a low chance of being infected.

If pregnant mothers have periodontal diseases such as periodontal disease and gingivitis, it is recommended to treat dentists to deal with it. Otherwise, if the condition worsens, it will increase the risk of blood infection by pregnant mothers and increase potential harm to the fetus.

Q5: Can I apply nail polish during pregnancy?

Since nails are outside the fingers, when applying nail polish, it will not allow the body to directly absorb harmful substances, and there is no need to worry about affecting the fetus.However, the pregnant mother should pay attention to the organic solvents in nail polish. When nail polish volatilizes, it will produce a pungent taste. Some people will feel dizzy and uncomfortable when they smell it. Therefore, pay attention to the ventilation environment.Apply nail polish to avoid causing physical discomfort.

Q6: Can I take medicine during pregnancy?

Many pregnant women think that medication during pregnancy will definitely cause harm to the fetus. No matter what physical discomfort occurs, if there are colds, fever, or gastrointestinal discomfort, they dare not take drugs to relieve symptoms.In fact, it is not possible to take medicine during pregnancy. Just hold a more cautious attitude and follow the doctor’s instructions.

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