Can premature ovarian failure still get pregnant?Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning is the core, and natural ovulation drug ovulation is powerful

Although the elders in the New Year’s Eve are concerned about whether their children have men and women, the marriage couple cares more about whether there are healthy children and whether they can be pregnant.As the crystallization of love, fertility has always been a top priority in the family, and the factors that lead to infertility to prevent this type of disease are tedious and complicated, which makes a large number of families covered with shadows.Among these factors, premature ovarian failure is the common cause of infertility. Today, Dr. Hu will talk to you about the major events of premature ovarian failure and infertility.

Infertility of premature ovarian failure is clearly clear. The premature ovarian decay refers to a gynecological endocrine name. It is the function of the ovarian function before the age of 40. It is called premature ovarian failure.

In different ages, the function of the ovary is different. Ovarian function is gradually changed from childhood to mature period to reach the most prosperous state during the age of childbearing age. After 35 years of age, ovarian function will gradually decline, and each bit will be gradually declined, and each place willBy the age of 45, women have begun to appear menopause and other states, so it can be seen that before the age of 40, it is five or six years earlier than normal. At this time, it is called premature ovarian failure.Once there is a problem with ovarian, female estrogen cannot be secreted or ovulation can be ovulated. At this time, premature ovarian aging is different, and the fertility function is suppressed to varying degrees. It is a common factors for women infertility.One layer of shadow.

Of course, there are many infertility factors mentioned here. In addition to ovarian function, pathological changes in fallopian tubes/uterus are also common factor.

So, you must not conceive your child when you return to the ovarian premature aging?

It turns out that: but if it is actively conditioned, there is still a chance to save fertility!

There are opportunities for ovarian premature aging mothers to conceive, but relatively much probability is much smaller.Ovarian functions require a certain period of cycle from normal period to pathological (premature ovarian failure). When the ovary is found to cause infertility after premature ovarian failure, the ovarian function needs to be checked according to the doctor’s suggestion.

Pregnancy is possible during this period.

One: Some premature ovarian mothers can occasionally occasionally ovulation can occur in their bodies. At this time, they can still become pregnant naturally after combining sperm. There are still about 5%natural pregnancy rate. Such a baby is still a healthy and healthy baby.

Secondly: When you do some drugs, you can also promote the ovulation of the drugs. After taking the eggs normally, IVF will be used to help pregnancy. This is also a very scientific method of pregnancy.Of course, from the perspective of ovarian function, the probability of pregnancy depends on the strength of the ovarian function. For example, the patient’s endometrium function is intact and the chance of pregnancy is high. For example, the ovarian function is close to failure, and the chance of success is small.

In addition, premature ovarian failure also needs some external scientific care:

The first is to calm down.Although premature ovarian failure is scary, it will neither affect life nor other hazards. It is much less harmful to the body than diabetes and hypertension.

The second is to maintain a good life and eating habits, so as to go to bed early, get up early, do not stay up late, do not play mobile phones for a long time to ensure good sleep; to ensure nutritional balance in diet, do not picky eaters, eat more protein -rich contentFoods such as lean meat, eggs, fish, shrimp, etc.

In terms of treatment:

Traditional Chinese and Western medicine combined with this disease has a very prominent advantage.Western medicine manufacturing artificial cycles avoid the atrophy of the uterus and ovarian, while traditional Chinese medicine nourish the kidney and cure blood circulation, and restore microcirculation.Therefore, sisters with premature ovarian failure do not need to be discouraged. As long as they are treated, they can be recovered.

I hope you can welcome your good news in the Spring Festival. If you have gynecological problems, you can pay attention to and talk about Dr. Hu!

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