Can skin care products be used during pregnancy?How to choose skin care products?

There are people who love beauty, and mothers during pregnancy are no exception, but many pregnant mothers often ask me if I am pregnant and can I continue to use skin care products?will it affect the fetus?What kind of skin care products should I choose?

After pregnancy, you can continue to use skin care products, and it is necessary!After pregnancy, due to the impact of the changes in hormones in the body, the skin of the pregnant mother will become sensitive. Some pregnant mothers have acne and spots on their faces, so they need skin care during pregnancy.

For the choice of skin care products, it is recommended that you choose a simple, gentle and comfortable basic moisturizing product. Do not use functional products such as whitening, freckle, acne, and anti -aging.

Many products of whitening and anti -aging will contain vitamin A, such as vitamin A, such as vitamin A, which can accelerate cell division, promote skin renewal and prevent skin collagen decomposition.However, the authoritative medical secondary database UPTODATE pointed out that vitamin A acid has a strong teratogenic effect in early pregnancy. Excessive oral intake can cause natural abortion and fetal malformations (including small head malformations and heart malformations).There are still controversy in the academic community.In terms of overall evaluation, due to the potential teratogenic effect of vitamin A, it is best to avoid it during pregnancy.

And acne products will contain salicylic acid.Salmonic acid is classified as a drug Class C in the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). Oral form is aspirin. At present, low -doses of clinical use can be used to prevent preliminary preliminary pregnancy in pregnancy.The risk of fetal deformity, so salicylic acid skin care products are still recommended to choose carefully during pregnancy, which is limited to small skin area under special circumstances.

Of the common freckle and light spots, it contains phenylphenols. At present, we are prohibited from using pregnant women in China.Because high -concentration of benzene phenols may cause irritating contact dermatitis.

Therefore, when choosing skin care products, we must pay attention to the ingredients. These ingredients we need to avoid the above ingredients should pay attention.Choose a gentle and Shu Min product, such as the commonly used Sitap, Miaosile, Avene, etc. can be considered.

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