Can this common seasoning be suffocated?

Recently, some netizens said that when they ate hot pot in Haidilao, sesame oil was stuck in the throat, and she almost suffocated to death!what on earth is it?

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Pepper, why is fragrant?

The aroma of peppercorns makes many people want to stop. The peppercorns are extracted from the oil on the peppercorns, which contains volatile substances such as lemon, laurel, α-moltyne, and pine oil. These substances together form the unique and strong fragrance of peppercorns togetherEssence


Pepper, why is "hemp"?

Many people think that the "hemp" of peppercorns is a sense of taste.But in fact: we usually feel hemp when eating peppercorns, which is a sense of tactile -like a slight shock.The peppercorns contain hydroxyl nodyl pepperol (Hydroxy-Alpha-Sanshool), that is, peppercorns, which can activate a nerve fiber (nerve fiber RA1) under people’s skin, which makes it tremor.The feeling of hemp.


Beauty is delicious, be careful of suffocation danger

Although the "hemp" of peppercorns is delicious, its "hemp" is also a kind of anesthesia. It has anesthesia for nerves. In the trachea, it may cause respiratory paralysis.

If a large amount of peppercorns or directly inhaled peppercorns, this compound will stimulate the respiratory tract in large quantities, causing the trachea, bronchial and lung contraction, hindering the entry of oxygen, and severe suffocation.There are even some people as a tool for crime.For example, in 1988, the United States studied 8 cases of inhaling peppercorns (PEPPER), which caused suffocation and death. 7 of them were suspected of murder, and 1 of these cases; most of these cases were children.


How to prevent it?

When eating peppercorns, it is recommended to pay attention:

1. Eat moderately

Pay attention to it, avoid eating too much and find danger, especially the elderly, children, and people with breathing diseases.

2. Chew slowly

Chew slowly, do not eat too fast, try not to talk about making trouble when eating, prevent peppercorns from inhaling the trachea.

3. If you feel unwell, rinse your mouth with water as soon as possible

Avoid stimulating the pharynx and respiratory system again. When the situation is serious, go to the hospital for medical treatment in time.

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