Can we use skin care while having pregnancy?What about makeup?

Heart of beauty in everyone.Every girl, no matter what stage, wants to be beautiful, even when she is pregnant, but many people say that it is best not to use skin care products when pregnant, let alone makeup. Is this really the case?

In fact, you can use skin care products appropriately when you are pregnant.It is generally recommended that pregnant mothers can use some regular manufacturers of natural, non -irritating skin care products, or use some maternal and infant -dedicated products after pregnancy. Do not use skin care products containing more irritating ingredients to avoid affecting the growth and development of the fetus.

Similarly, pregnant mothers can also apply masks after pregnancy, but you need to pay attention to choosing a pure plant -type mask.At present, the ingredients of the film on the market are relatively complicated, and some masks may contain an ingredients that have potential effects on the fetus. Therefore, the pregnant mother consults the counters in detail when choosing a mask.

The expectant mothers dare not make up after pregnancy. Most of them are afraid that after using cosmetics, it will cause the baby to malformation. In fact, this possibility is very small.According to relevant documents, among all birth defects in my country, the defects caused by chemicals and drugs account for only about 1%, of which the proportion of expectant mothers is even smaller.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers can actually make up, but pay attention to the choice of cosmetics, but also pay attention to light makeup as much as possible. Makeup removal must be removed.

At present, there are many cosmetics specially used for women with pregnant women. The materials are more natural. There are no side effects and no toxicity. Therefore, they can be used during pregnancy.Although you can make up during pregnancy, it is not recommended to make heavy makeup.Make -up for a long time, or too thick makeup, the skin of women who are pregnant itself will be more fragile, relatively easier to block pores, and more prone to spots and acne.Regardless of light makeup or thick makeup, be sure to remove makeup carefully and do not bring makeup for a long time.

Skin care products and cosmetics on the market are full of. Choose cosmetics and skin care products for pregnancy, and try to choose reliable brands as much as possible. The quality and quality are guaranteed.In addition, the use period of natural skin care products is relatively short. If it is still used for a long time, it may be polluted and the skin is not good for pregnant mothers.

In fact, whether it is makeup or plain, pregnant mothers are the most beautiful.

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