Can women with epilepsy have a healthy baby?Remember a journey of pregnancy of epilepsy mothers

I still remember that in the summer of 18 years, Xiaoyun often felt unsatisfactory arms. Go to the hospital for examination and diagnose epilepsy. He usually needs to be controlled by medication. For this reason, she has been taking a antiepileptic drug, called "Kamazi Ping Ping Ping PingThe film ", at the age of 24, Xiaoyun was married. She wanted a healthy baby to dream, but when she thought of having epilepsy, she was very worried about whether she could get pregnant normally, and she took antiepileptic drugs for a long time.Searching for finding such drugs can cause deformities, she hurried to the hospital to consult the doctor. The doctor suggested that she consult a maternal medical consultation outpatient consultation.

On Monday morning, she came to the pregnancy and medication consultation clinic with a stingy mood. The Mei Pharmacist who consulted the clinic told her patiently that she could be a mother first.What should I do if my baby has a problem?Xiaoyun was still doubtful. Mei Pharmaceuticals saw Xiaoyun’s thoughts. She explained that there were many kinds of antiepileptic drugs. Among them, there was a drug abnormality called sodium propyate. Xiaoyun sighed. Fortunately,I do n’t have to take sodium propyate, is there no risk? Mei Pharmacist further explained that Kamasiping is also risky, but the risk is smaller than sodium propyate.The teratogenicity is relatively low, but whether you can change this medicine needs to evaluate your specific condition.Xiaoyun consulted Dr. Zhang, a doctor of Neurochi who gave her a doctor. Dr. Zhang told Xiaoyun that Kamoxiping, who she is now eating, is a drug with better epilepsy. She is also well controlled by epilepsy now.Change the medicine.

Is there any way to reduce the risk of deformity? There are really. By taking folic acid during pregnancy, she can reduce the risk, and she needs to take a large dose than ordinary pregnant women. Therefore, Xiaoyun takes 4mg daily at Xiaoyun’s suggestion.Folic acid, and after three months of folic acid, Xiaoyun finally became pregnant as expected. She first told the pharmacist to the pharmacist, and the pharmacist told her the precautions during pregnancy, and repeatedly instructed Xiaoyun to be checked on a regular basis and should be pregnant.After three months, the dose of folic acid needs to be reduced to 0.8mg/day.

On August 6, 2021, this day is Xiaoyun’s happiest day. His daughter was born and was a healthy baby. Xiaoyun finally became a happy mother and looked at her cute daughter.Pharmacist who cares about her and consults Mei Pharmacist if she can breastfeed.

When Mei Pharmaceuticals saw this cute baby’s photo, she would laugh at heart. At this moment, as a pharmacist’s fullness, the happiness of the pharmacist will come to the face. Perhaps this is the original intention of the outpatient clinic of the pregnant drug.The mission of escorting for safe use.

Precautions for women with epilepsy during pregnancy, during pregnancy and after production:

1. All women of epilepsy are recommended to supplement 0.4-0.8 mg/day during pregnancy; women who take Kamotipin or propyate start to supplement folic acid in 3 months before pregnancy, and recommend higher dose of folic acid (1-4mg/God), keep taking it until early pregnancy, and changed to 0.8mg/day after early pregnancy;

2. If there is an effective antiepileptic drugs replacing propyrine, try to avoid the use of propyrine as much as possible;

3. Do not stop or change the dose of drugs by yourself because you are worried about the effect of drugs on the fetus;

4. For patients who are using antiepileptic drugs, it is recommended for pre -delivery screening, regular check -up, and monitor the development of the fetus;

5. Since most of the antiepileptic drugs can be secreted by milk, but research has found that breastfeeding babies are smarter, so according to the mother’s breastfeeding willingness and the concentration of drugs in milk, choose whether to breastfeed.

Epilepsy women can have a healthy baby with a healthy baby.If you are questioned for medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding, you can consult a pharmacist.

“Family healthy and reasonable medication”

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