Can you also "get pregnant" during menstruation?The doctor said: The date of pregnancy starts from the first day of the last menstruation

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Pregnancy is never a simple matter. In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to understand the number of days of pregnancy, so that they can be checked in the next pregnancy.

So for how to calculate your pregnancy days, the pregnant mothers must have a half -understanding, and even calculate errors.

After learning that she was pregnant, she went to the hospital for examination. After the doctor asked about the starting date of the menstrual cycle and the last menstruation, the corresponding examination was arranged. The results showed that Xiaokui was 32 days pregnant.

Xiaokui couldn’t help but mutter with the test sheet: I only knew that I was pregnant. Why did I get pregnant for more than a month?With a question, Xiaokui asked the doctor, and the doctor made a detailed reply about it:

Medical regulations: The number of pregnancy days is calculated from the beginning of the end of the pregnant woman.

This is because from the first day of menstruation, hormones in women have begun to change, and follicles in ovarian have begun to grow and grow.

Moreover, women’s ovulation period is 14 days before the next menstruation. Sperm and eggs form fertilized eggs. The fertilized eggs will take 3-4 days. Women will realize their pregnancy in about 5 days.It has been pregnant for more than a month.

You know, women do not get pregnant during menstruation, so why should the number of days pregnant start from the first day of the last menstruation?In fact, there are two reasons in the middle:

1) The specific time of pregnancy starts from ovulation and pregnancy.

Calculate the pregnancy time, start from the female ovulation.However, most women have no fixed date of ovulation, and the combination of "essence" is also uncertain.

Therefore, compared to these uncertain factors, the first day of women’s last menstrual period can be certain. Therefore, when checking pregnancy, doctors often ask women’s physiological cycles to calculate the number of days of pregnancy.

2) Convenient to calculate the baby’s due date

In addition, asking the last menstrual period is also to calculate the baby’s due date.

Women are pregnant for about 40 weeks, 4 weeks of pregnancy, a month of pregnancy, for a total of 10 months, according to a cycle of 28 days, which is 280 days.

From the first day of the last menstrual period, to this day, it is the number of days of pregnancy. From the first day of the last menstrual period, the number of days after the number of 280 days is the date of due date.

The number of days a day is really troublesome. Pregnant mothers can calculate the date of due date based on several calculation methods.

1.12 weeks of B -ultrasound examination

At about 3 months of pregnancy, the pregnant mother will start the first B -ultrasound examination. The doctor will calculate the due date based on the last menstrual period and the development of the fetus. This time is relatively accurate.

2. Monthly and date estimate

Another method is to add 9 or minus 3 to the month according to the last menstrual period, and the date plus 7, which is also the future due date.

3. Calculation of fetal movement date

If pregnant women can’t remember her last menstrual date, they can also be calculated based on the date of fetal movement.

Generally, the fetal movement starts around 18-20 weeks after pregnancy. The calculation method is: the expected period of the first mother is the date of the fetal movement for 20 weeks;

4. Calculation of pregnancy time

After women are pregnant, they usually have a pregnancy reaction around 6 weeks of pregnancy. It can be calculated for 280 days in the future.

It doesn’t matter if those "confused pregnant mothers" who do not remember their menstrual cycles. Doctors can speculate on the number of pregnancy weeks of pregnant mothers based on the development of the fetus, and then calculate the baby’s due date.Large differences.

Pregnancy and fetal age are two completely different concepts.The pregnancy age refers to what we call the "due date", that is, the entire pregnancy period of 40 weeks and 280 days.

The fetal age refers to the size of the fetus, which is calculated from the moment of the combination of sperm and eggs. In fact, the age of the fetus is 38 weeks and 288 days.

Written at the end:

During pregnancy, expectant mothers should learn more about pregnancy, so as not to ask when a doctor asked, he is too strange, or you understand the errors and make a joke.

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