Can you drink coffee when you are pregnant?In fact, there are not so many taboos, just do n’t eat these people …

There are not so many taboos during pregnancy, only six foods need to be avoided.

Pregnant women are very cautious in diet.So which foods are clearly unable to eat?Let’s explain in detail today.

The first is alcohol.Pregnant women must not drink alcohol because this will cause premature or abortion.Even drinking a small amount of alcohol will have a negative impact on fetal development.Therefore, pregnant women must pay attention to whether food contains alcohol, and do not eat foods containing alcohol, such as winemaking and boiled chicken in the Hakka area.

Secondly, foods that are raw or not completely cooked should also be avoided.For example, three -point steak, raw pickled and sashimi.These foods may not be fully disinfected, so they must be cooked before they can be eaten.

Third, pregnant women should avoid eating sea fish with high mercury.Pregnant women should eat more deep -sea fish rich in DHA, which is very helpful for the fetal brain and neurological development.However, pregnant women need to avoid eating sea fish with high mercury, because this may have a adverse effect on the fetus and pregnant women.The following are eight kinds of mercury -containing sea fish, pregnant women should avoid eating.

Fourth, pregnant women should limit caffeine intake.Pregnant women can drink coffee, but should not exceed a small cup a day.Excessive intake of caffeine increases the risk of abortion and the fetal too light.In addition to tea and coffee, chocolate, ice cream and cola also contain caffeine.Pregnant women should pay attention to the intake when eating these foods to avoid excessive intake of caffeine.

Fifth, pregnant women should avoid drinking flower tea and herbs.No reliable human evidence has proved whether drinking these drinks during pregnancy is safe.Therefore, it is recommended to consult a doctor before eating these beverages.

Sixth, pregnant women should avoid eating fresh food.For example, canned preservatives and overnight dishes, these foods are prone to breed mold, and pregnant women should avoid eating.

In short, pregnant women should try to reduce eating greasy, salt and sugar, eat more natural foods to avoid foods that contain too much food additives.

If you have questions about the consumption of certain foods or answers to other pregnancy questions, leave a message in the comment area.

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