Can you prevent it?Can you get back?Is these "new crowd folk remedies" reliable?

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Brown sugar, ginger, green onion, garlic, etc. boiled water, etc.

The probability of infection virus is almost zero?

Thick salt water, mouthwash, white wine rinse,

Can you prevent the new crown?

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Is these "new crowd folk recipes" really reliable?


Brown sugar, ginger, green onion, garlic, etc. boiled water, etc.

The probability of infection virus is almost zero?

Recently, a notice claiming to be from the "Chairman of the Changzhou Red Cross" spread widely.The notice said that brown sugar, ginger, green onion, garlic, etc. boiled water, and the probability of infection with the virus was almost zero.However, the verification found that the screenshot was spread on the Internet as early as February 2020, and the staff of the Changzhou Red Cross said that the institution and the chairman had not posted the above information.

Moreover, the World Health Organization clearly stated that there is no evidence to prove that ginger and garlic can prevent the new crown virus.Foods such as probiotics, peppers, etc. are not allowed to be exempted from infection with new coronary virus.

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Thick salt water, mouthwash, white wine rinse,

Can you prevent the new crown?

The saying that "thick salt water can prevent the new crown" is not credible.Saltwater mouthwash can play a role in cleaning the mouth, which is helpful for laryngitis and certain allergic diseases.However, the new coronary virus is transmitted through the respiratory tract, that is, after being inhaled through the nose, the virus adheres to the nasal cavity, trachea or lungs to cause disease, while saltwater rinsing can only clean the mouth and cannot clean the respiratory tract.

The complete and healthy oral mucosa is the first barrier to the human body’s resistance to microorganisms. Long -term use of thick salt water rinse not only can not play a "disinfection" effect, but also stimulates the mucous membranes, causing edema."The virus leader drove straight into.If it is a patient with oral mucosal diseases, it will also stimulate the original disease damage, and pain, erosion or ulcer occurs.

There is no scientific basis for "mouthwash and rinse can prevent the new crown."Wash of mouthwash has a certain effect of cleaning and sterilization and purification, but it should not be used for a long time.Some mouthwash contains mint, cinnamon, alcohol and other ingredients. Long -term applications can stimulate oral mucosa, cause dental flora disorders, and some people will also have allergic reactions.Similarly, patients with mucous membrane diseases such as oral ulcers and flat moss will still increase the original disease.

It should be emphasized that although "antibacterial mouthwashing water" has a certain effect on clearing some microorganisms in the mouth, the new coronary virus cannot be removed.

Carram liquor cannot prevent new coronal virus infection.Many people think that liquor contains alcohol that can sterilize, and rushing can play a role in disinfection.As everyone knows, it will also destroy our mucosa epithelial barrier directly with liquor, causing oral mucosa burns, and even erosion ulcers, causing pain. In clinical examples, such examples abound.It is even more indispensable for patients with oral mucosa, and they will also aggravate the original condition.

Drink soybeans to boil water and boil water,

Can cola ginger soup be reduced?

When you have a fever and have no other symptoms of discomfort, drink plenty of warm water, which helps sweat. It is discharged by sweating through sweating, which helps to alleviate the symptoms of discomfort in fever.

Whether it is soybean boiled water, white boil water, or cola ginger soup, or even chicken soup … In fact, the essence still allows everyone to drink more warm water. These practices have some help to alleviate the discomfort caused by fever.

However, everyone must understand that fever is a symptom. It is not a disease in itself, so it is not the object of treatment.All these things are just comfortable, but they cannot "treat" fever. They do not have the effect of antipyretic and cannot treat new crowns.

In fact, taking fever medicine only helps us reduce body temperature, control the symptoms of fever and make you more comfortable.The culprit leading to fever still requires our own immunity to remove it.Removing fever is not the same as the new crown virus has been cleared, which is why many people still have no turning after fever.

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