Can you still eat bananas, mangoes, apples with dark spots?Fortunately, I know early, I have risen knowledge

Guide: Speaking of fruits, my family still loves to eat "bananas, mango, jujube, longan, apple" and other fruits, because whether you will choose these fruits, we can always buy it.Buy more three kinds of fruits "banana, mango, apple", and have black spots in less than 2-3 days. At this time, many people will throw these long black spots from them.Dig out the long dark spots and eat it!Can the dark spots "bananas, mango, apples" be eaten?In fact, it is also necessary to divide the situation. Next, I will explain in detail what the three fruits are black spots!After I told these knowledge points to fans, everyone said, "Fortunately, I know early, and I have raised knowledge."

I believe that at least 80%of those who see this article have seen long black spots with bananas, and bananas that have black spots can be eaten because after the banana matures, it is particularly easy to infect "anthracnose".And bananas that are infected with "anthracnose", banana peels are particularly easy to grow dark spots.And this kind of black spots with black spots are "the sweetest and softest". Some people who eat bananas often put the bananas on the surface with dark spots to eat.Although the black spots can be eaten, after peeling the bananas, most of the banana meat becomes black. Don’t eat this kind of banana.

[Method of saving bananas]: Although the spots of bananas will be more delicious, many people do not want bananas to turn black quickly. Is there a good way to extend the banana to become cooked?At this time, as long as we wrap the banana handle with plastic wrap, we can prevent the fast black spots of bananas, because a large amount of ethylene will be released at the banana handle.After turning black, stop bananas from generating a large amount of ethylene, which can slow down the rate of banana black spots.

I remember in June last year, my friend sent me a box of mango from Guangzhou. At that time, the mango was relatively hard, and it was sealed at home for a few days. After about 3 days, the mango began to soften.On the second day of the second day, many mangoes started to grow dark spots. The area of the dark spots every day was twice as big as the day before. At that time, I quickly asked some of the fruit traffickers I knew. They all saidThe mango of spots is generally available.However, there is a situation that everyone is not recommended to eat.

If the mango encounters external force squeezing during transportation, it will also cause the mango skin to grow dark black spots. This kind of mango can be eaten, just remove the pulp of long black spots.When some fruit farmers grow in mango, in order to make the mango big and more beautiful, they will hit hormones. This kind of hormone mango, because the cell wall is not mature enough and the fiber content is less.Spots, so in the fruit market, if the mango smells no fragrance, but it grows dark spots, it is recommended that you do not buy it.

Apple epidermis has dark black spots, which is caused by the infection of "apple spots small shell bacteria". This germ is generally limited to Apple’s epidermis and will not be deep and flesh. Therefore, apples with dark spots can also beEat.I suggest that when you buy apples, if you eat it yourself, you must not miss it when you encounter cheap black spots, because its taste is the same as other apples.

Most of the "bananas, mango, and apples" with dark spots are edible, but when encountering black spots mango, you must smell the smell of mango. If the black spot mango has no fragrance, don’t buy it.This article is the original graphic of Master Hu. Master Hu will also explain more fruit knowledge to you. Finally, thank you for your watching. If today’s article is helpful, then click on a concern, like a praise. Thank you for your support.Essence

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