Can you still prepare for gout?Expert: No problem!But pay attention first

I am Huang Qingchun, director of the Department of Rheumatology, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Today I will talk to you about gout.Welcome to follow me or leave a message or private message, I will reply one by one.

Recently, a fan left a message, and the question asked about the pregnancy of gout patients:

Starting from preparing for pregnancy, both men and women must be thoughtful, especially in terms of medication, let alone the slightest negligence.

So, will it affect gout?How can we find a safe balance between the treatment of medicine and pregnancy?

In fact, many patients will worry about a question: Does it have an impact on men’s pregnancy after gout?

From the current research results, high uric acid seems to have certain benefits for protecting sperm quality.Because uric acid has some physiological effects such as antioxidant, anti -aging, maintaining blood pressure, and improving intelligence.

However, considering that patients with gout patients are not a single disease, they belong to "metabolic rheumatoid disease", which is prone to various complications, such as dyedic acid, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, etc.These factors are not good for pregnancy.

Therefore, if you are in patients with high uric acid/gout, there are the following suggestions:

· Before preparing for pregnancy, improve lifestyle, such as adjusting diet plans, maintaining sufficient schedules, and appropriate physical exercise.

· Related physical examination to eliminate diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, and the impact on pregnancy.

· Standardize uric acid, maintain the level of blood uric acid at about 300umol/L, and then consider fertility on this basis

Below, we will introduce the precautions for medication during gout from the acute period and non -acute period of gout.

1. Plosth

Plosth from the American FDA pregnancy is category D in the Class D of medication in the US FDA, but some studies have reminded that the application of colliers in autumn water has no clear negative impact on men and women’s fertility ability.

A previous study also stated that the common dose (<2 mg/day) of pastroinine therapy (<2 mg/day) has no significant adverse effect on sperm production and function.

Therefore, men can also use this medicine during pregnancy, but it is recommended for small doses of low -frequency medication solutions.

2. Non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs (Moluekang, Saisi, etc.)

In the dangerous level of pregnancy in the US FDA, non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs are category B, that is, animal experiments are not harmful to fetuses, but the safety of human safety lacks clinical control.

Therefore, it is recommended that men take the minimum effective dose of non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs under the guidance of a doctor.

In addition, the use of analgesic and analgesic ingredients containing anti -inflammatory analgesic ingredients is safer than internal medicine and can be used appropriately.

3. Sugitic hormone (short -acting hormones such as bomonettisone, acetate, etc.)

Glucocortic hormone drugs are mostly used for not tolerated non -inflammatory drugs, collaterals of autumn water, or liver and kidney dysfunction.

The short hormone is category B in the category of medication during the FDA pregnancy. At present, it still lacks direct evidence of the impact of glucocorticoids on men’s fertility.

Therefore, it is recommended that male gout patients can use short -active dosage glycogen hormone (betonone, nymolin nylon) with the lowest effective dose during pregnancy.

· Nutti, phenobenoma: There is currently lack of reports on the influence of this drug on men’s fertility.

· Sublecol: Given that taking this medicine during women’s pregnancy can cause fetal malformations, it is recommended that men are recommended to discontinue the drug 3 months before pregnancy.

· Sodium bicarbonate: Take sodium bicarbonate in large doses can interfere with the acidic micro -environment in the epididymis, affecting the spermatic function.Therefore, patients can take this drug appropriately during pregnancy, but it is not recommended to take a large amount.

· Chinese medicine: Most of the drugs that lower uric acid, I recommend discontinue drugs for at least 3 months and more to start pregnancy.However, Chinese medicine is not limited.

At present, although the effect of Chinese medicine reduction uric acid is not obvious, the compatible traditional Chinese medicine compound has a unique role in anti -inflammatory pain relief, protecting liver and kidney function, so Chinese medicine can be used during pregnancy.

Patients with gout/high uric acid are best to control uric acid below 300, and then consider pregnancy after reaching the standard for 3 months.Under this premise, men need to stop the medicine for 1-2 months, and women need to stop the medicine for 3 months.

As a chronic disease, the key to treatment is persistence. When the patient’s condition reaches a stable condition, it will be more at ease when you enter the pregnancy preparation.

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