Can’t eat turtles?Comprehensive "banned wild" also needs to clear the boundary

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After the "fasting order" of wild animals, recently, the Guangdong Provincial Turtle Breeding Industry Association, Hunan Turtle Industry Association, Hangzhou Guizhu Industry Association, etc. issued documents on the Internet, and urged the Shenzhen People’s Congress Standing Committee Legal Work Committee and other departmentsThink twice, do not include the turtle turtle in the fasting ranks.

Some persons in charge of the association mentioned that, such as the mature industrial chain system of seedling production, commercial breeding, feed production, and market sales, such as Hunan China Turtle (Turtle) breeding.In Hanshou County, Hunan, the turtle industry has become one of the five pillar aquaculture varieties, and it is one of the important means of survival by tens of thousands of farmers in Hanshou County. If "fasting" will hurt these farmers.

Affected by this round of epidemic, the social consensus of "forbidden wild" has further improved, and the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress has also passed the decision of "comprehensively prohibiting illegal wild animal transactions."But what is completely "forbidden" is "wild", not just big species, whether "wild or breeding".

As the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of the National People’s Congress pointed out, "correctly understanding to fully fasting wild animals" needs to grasp the boundaries.Except for aquatic wild animals such as fish, and the more common livestock and poultry (such as pigs, cattle, sheep, sheep, etc.), it should be managed in accordance with laws and regulations such as animal husbandry and animal epidemic prevention.The category.

However, the boundary between the forbiddenness and release is that the wild animals such as Chinese tadpoles can also be regarded as "long -term use of artificial breeding and maturity, and the people have been widely accepted.It is currently not included in the "Livestock Hereditary Resources Catalog" stipulated in the Law of the livestock law.

Shenzhen’s legislative follow -up was originally clear about this vague boundary, which is conducive to providing more accurate expectations for relevant industry operators and citizens, and its original intention is worthy of recognition.However, whether the farming turtle should be fasting, it really needs to consider the factors of all parties and weigh it properly.

As the appeal initiated by the Turtle Industry Association, the turtle raising has become a pillar industry in many places. It is an important means for the increase in income from some local farmers. Some are also characteristic poverty alleviation projects.If "one -size -fits -all" is prohibited, the comprehensive impact of social comprehensive social impact cannot be underestimated.

In fact, this is not only related to the interests of related industries and farmers. Many people also have doubts whether they should be prohibited from eating artificial breeding. After all, the consumption of turtles has a high degree of acceptance in society.Therefore, comprehensive considerations, related decision -making should indeed further "salvage" more opinions, and reflect the largest number of social concepts and interests.

In fact, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs also previously stated that regarding the amphibious crawled animals, the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs is currently negotiating with the State Forestry Bureau to adjust and improve relevant catalogs and supporting regulations to further clarify the scope of fasting.Before the adjustment and improvement of relevant catalogs and supporting regulations, it may be possible to suspend the expansion of the legislative ban in various places and accurately grasp the concept of "wild".

For example, the legal level is tightening, and the law enforcement level should be targeted.Like turtle breeding, "release" can be considered, but at the same time, it is also necessary to strengthen the implementation of the corresponding food quarantine standards, and increase its efforts to investigate and deal with non -farming wildlife transactions.

This is an indispensable supporting support for a comprehensive "banned wild", and it is also the inherent requirements of refined governance -to the greatest extent to ensure the efficiency of governance, but also to avoid possible accidental injuries.

In addition, as the Legal Committee of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress reminded, the new banned field regulations may bring some economic losses to some farmers who breed animals. Relevant local governments should support, guide, and help affected farmers to adjust, change production and operations to transform production and operationActivities will be compensated according to the actual situation.

It is a good thing to follow up from legislation to law enforcement. However, in terms of treating artificial farming wildlife, it is also advisable to take into account economic and social benefits and social acceptance to avoid the tendency of blindness and random expansion.

□ Ren Ran (media person)

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