Can’t healthy snacks be eaten at will?Can these "junk foods" eat boldly?Expert: key look

What is one of the most indescribable temptations of humans?

eat snack!

The crispy potato chips, crispy and seductive fried chicken, burger …

However, although these snacks are loved, they are called "junk food" and will endanger health.

As a result, in order to balance the mouth and health, all kinds of healthy snacks have emerged on the market.

So, are these healthy snacks really healthy?Is "junk food" really garbage?Today, Xiaokang sister invited "Zuo Leilei, director of the Food Science and Research Office of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine" to tell you about it.

01 oatmeal

Ocarium has always been under the banner of healthy. They are rich in ingredients, diverse tastes, and easy to eat. They not only provide delicious energy, but also provide necessary energy, especially being loved by people with weight loss.

However, in order to enhance the taste, many oatmeal will add more sugar, which is not friendly for people with high obesity or high blood sugar.

In addition, if oatmeal is too much, it will cause indigestion.

02 dried fruit

You can think of health when you hear the words of the fruits.

If dried fruits are produced by frozen and dry process, generally speaking, vitamin and other nutritional ingredients are better preserved.

If it is dry fruits, the nutrients will be lost, especially vitamins.

In addition, the content of dried fruit and fat after fried fruit is also very high, and the amount of consumption is needed when consumption.

03 Sesame Cake (Pill)

Friends who have never heard of sesame pills?

It is rich in calcium, multiple vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, but it is a high -fat food.In addition, for the sake of taste, merchants often add a lot of sugar, and eating too much may cause problems such as indigestion, fat, and endocrine disorders.

03 All -wheat bread

Although all -wheat bread contains richer crude fiber, vitamin E and B vitamins that are richer than ordinary bread, but also butter, artificial cream, butter, etc. during the production process.

Therefore, if you consume too much, be careful to lose weight and gain weight.

04 sugar -free snacks

Does the merchant say that sugar -free means that it is really sugar?Not necessarily!

The "Nutrition Tag" stipulates that sugar (referring to liquid or bischarides, such as glucose, fructose, galactose, lactose, maltose) products with less than 0.5%can be marked with sugar -free.

However, some merchants illegally label to mark sucrose as sugar -free, or without sucrose but add a lot of other carbohydrates, such as starch, syrup, etc. These ingredients will also cause blood sugar to rise.

01 instant noodles

From small to large, adults have told us that instant noodles are "junk food" and cannot be eaten.The reason for this statement is nothing more than preservatives.

However, if you really look at the ingredients table of instant noodles, you will find that although there are many ingredients on instant noodles, there are really no preservatives!Only some additives are added, but they are also compliant.

Here we have to say that for preservatives, it is not as terrible as everyone thinks.Many foods can add preservatives within the scope of safety in accordance with regulations, which can play a role in suppressing microbial growth and reproduction, properly extending the shelf life, and ensuring food supply.In addition, my country’s use of preservatives has strict regulations, and preservatives should meet the following standards:

Reasonable use of harm to the human body;

It does not affect the digestive path flora;

It can be degraded into the normal ingredient of food in the digestive tract;

Does not affect the use of drug antibiotics;

No harmful ingredients are produced during food thermal treatment.

In addition, many people are worried that the smooth film inside the instant noodle barrel is actually polyethylene. The minimum melting point is 112 degrees, and the maximum temperature of the water in our instant noodles is 100 degrees, which is completely fine.

02 burger

When it comes to hamburger, there is no nutrition and high calories.In fact, the nutritional content of the burger is quite sufficient, that is, there is less vegetables.

For example, the bread of Hamburg is rich in carbohydrates. The meat in the burger contains protein and fat. The dishes in the burger contain vitamins and dietary fiber …

To say where it is unhealthy, that is, the meat may be fried, but as long as the amount of consumption is controlled, it will not cause much harm to the body.

In addition, it is unhealthy to eat. You have to match cola and fries. The calories and sugar will definitely explode.If you match some vegetables and fruits, can you not make the nutrition balance?

Director Zuo Leilei said that there is no standard definition of food health, and food is not as "junk".

What we think is that healthy foods are actually more prominent advantages in nutritional ratio, certain nutrients, and physiological functions than ordinary food, and more conducive to healthy maintenance.

The so -called "junk food" nutrient ratio is usually not reasonable. Eating more and eating often can easily cause nutritional imbalances and lack of various trace nutrients.

However, as long as the intake is controlled, the reasonable combination of daily diet is done, so that food is diversified, and it will not cause harm to the body.

For example, after eating burgers at noon, you should eat more vegetables that night; after eating instant noodles, you should add a little meat and vegetables.Canned food, frozen food and other foods.

Just like "leaving doses to be toxic is a hooligan", it is unreasonable to leave the intake and reasonable combination to talk about "junk food".

In addition, it is also clear that healthy foods are not healthy.Everything is toxic and the key to the dosage, and the food is no exception, and the needs and tolerance of different people are also very different.

In short, no matter what food eats, it is important to have a reasonable diet.

This is to be seen from two aspects.

The first is to choose.

① snacks should be part of a reasonable diet. Do not choose snacks from taste and preference only;

② Select more fresh foods such as milk, fruits and vegetables, and nuts;

③ Choose digestive snacks;

④ Know the nutritional characteristics of snacks, choose and buy snacks that are good for health;

⑤ Pay attention to the nutrition label, precautions, production date and shelf life of food when selecting.

Followed by eating correctly.

① According to exercise or learning needs, eat snacks in moderation between dinner, not too close to the dinner, and do not eat too frequently every day;

② In the case of leisure gathering, watching TV, etc., be alert to eating snacks unconsciously;

③ Do not lose weight by eating snacks;

④ Pay attention to food hygiene and oral hygiene;

⑤ Eat less fried, excessive sugar, too salty snacks;

⑥ Drink more water, drink less sugary drinks, and do not drink alcoholic drinks;

⑦The street foods have more food safety problems, try to eat as little as possible.

But some friends said that they understand the truth, but they can’t help but eat and eat.

In this regard, Director Zuo Leilei suggested everyone:

① regular diet, three meals a day, quantitative, rich nutrition;

② Find snack alternatives, such as sugar -free gum, low -sugar fruits and vegetables, etc. instead of high sugar snacks;

③ When you want to eat snacks, drink water to solve the water;

④ Diversify attention by chatting and participating in outdoor sports;

⑤ Stay away from the snack environment, reduce the number of times to visit the supermarket, and try not to store snacks at home;

⑥ Reduce staying up late can not only reduce the number of snacks, but also benefit from physical health.

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