Can’t participate in weddings, moving, nails during pregnancy?Is superstition or taboo?

Recently, listening to a girlfriend Baoma said that she had a big belly to participate in the wedding of a friend some time ago, but was strongly discouraged by the elders, making a great battle.why?It is said that in their local customs, during pregnancy, pregnant women should not participate in the wedding, let alone welcome the wedding gift vehicle, so as not to be frightened by the fetus;Endogly mother and child’s life.

However, the editor believes that there are some customs, although there are some "superstitions", there are reason, such as pregnant women eat wedding banquets and cakes, because there are many people who are fame and festive, in addition to being infected with bad air and infecting the disease, people are mixed.Pay attention to food safety and hygiene issues.Therefore, we should look at it more rationally.Next, Xiaobian will give you the customs and habits of pregnancy, and some do reflect the wisdom of the ancients!


Can’t you say three months in the first three months of pregnancy?

The older generation believes that there is a fetal god in pregnancy, that is, the gods attached to the soul of the fetus. The folk believes that within a hundred days after the pregnant woman’s pregnancy starts to production, there will be fetal gods.Grow up safely and healthily.But if you are pregnant too early, it will cause the fetal god to be unhappy, but it will hurt the child and keep the child from staying.

From the perspective of medicine, the first three months of pregnancy are the critical period of fetal development, because 80%of accidents occur in the first three months.Therefore, the three months before pregnancy is susceptible to miscarriage due to the comprehensive effect of physiological and psychological, which has nothing to do with whether the news of pregnancy tells others.


Is it easy to move or move in bed?

This custom is also related to the fetal god.According to legend, large furniture such as indoor cabinets, tables and chairs, cabinets, bed stools such as cabinets, tables and chairs, cabinets, and bed stools may touch the fetal god, leading to abortion, sliding tires, or giving birth to malformed babies with uneven facial features.

In fact, according to a scientific point of view, if pregnant women participate in moving, the uterine pressure will become larger, which will stimulate uterine contraction, causing the amniotic squeezing to become thin and broken.Furthermore, if you accidentally collide and fall in the process of moving, it may also lead to bleeding and placental peeling. Therefore, in order to protect pregnant women, it is best to move slowly or so on, or please move the company to work, but the incident of moving the company, but it ’s what you move.In fact, it has no direct relationship with miscarriage.


Can boys and women be determined by external factors?

Perhaps because of the influence of the concepts of men and women, or the perception of a "good" word by one man and a woman, many parents still want to have a male baby.Because of this, the folk recipes of boys and women are extremely rich, such as eating more vegetables in the diet to change the acid and alkali value, rinse the vagina with soda with water, change sexual intercourse positions, and even ask God to ask.

We all know that the sex of the baby is determined by the sex chromosome in the sperm of the father.However, because the birth ratio of men and women is 101: 100, the chance of having male and female babies is already higher, so if you rely on these folk recipes can really have a male baby, it may only be a coincidence.


Don’t eat rabbit meat, otherwise you will have rabbit lips?

Almost all parts of the country have this particularity, and it has been circulating for a long time.According to reports, in Xijin Zhanghua’s "Museum", there is already a saying that "the pregnancy must not be rabbit meat, and the rabbits are not visible, making the child lack of lips."

Medical analysis believes that genetic factors, virus infections, disease impacts, endocrine abnormalities, lack of nutrition, and the mother who receives a large dose of X -ray during pregnancy, smoking and drinking is the culprit of rabbit lips.


Avoid nails in the bedroom of pregnant women?

Folklore believes that nails on the walls of pregnant women’s bedrooms, furniture, and doors and windows will hurt the fetal god, affect the fetus cannot develop normally, and even become "killing tires".When I was a child, I encountered such a thing. I remember that a aunt in my hometown gave birth to a younger brother, but it is said that because of the nails during pregnancy, the little brother had a finger.Because I was young at the time, I felt that this was incredible, so I always remembered.

However, why does the baby grow a finger?This is actually a kind of deformity, mostly caused by the abuse of drugs or genetic factors or diseases during pregnancy.Therefore, it has nothing to do with whether nailing in the bedroom of pregnant women.

In fact, once you have friends and relatives remind you, you don’t have to show birth or care too much, because their starting point is good. I hope you can take a good rest and do not do anything that harms the health of the fetus.However, you must be awake to know whether it is right and wrong, and resolutely do not spread superstition and rumors!I wish you a good pregnancy!

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