Can’t raise dogs during pregnancy. Is this true?

Nowadays, there are no few families with dog breeding. With the continuous development of social civilization, more people’s understanding of dogs is also changing. From home dogs to pets, people are more willing to regard dogs as family members.It’s not just an ordinary animal.However, with the change of the family structure, the problem follows.Some people in the family get married and have children, and when the new life comes, the influence of dogs on pregnant women and fetuses naturally also have many different voices.

1. Before pregnancy: Pregnant dogs, are you ready?Preparation of expectant mothers for their babies: Go to the hospital for a "TORCH" examination before pregnancy.Purpose: In order to prevent newborn infections and prevent malformations in the fetus.Suggestion: Do this test before pregnancy, not in the early stages of pregnancy.Knowledge: What is a toxoplasma disease? Preparation for expectant mothers for dogs: For dogs, insect repellent and vaccine are essential.Training: Especially for medium and large dog breeds. Try to train dogs to prohibit people from being able to pour people before pregnancy.Reason: Dogs do not know the physical changes of expectant mothers after pregnancy, and changes in family members after the baby is born. These are unknown for dogs.Fully ensure the safety and health of you and your baby!

2. During pregnancy: What do you need to pay attention to when you are pregnant?First of all, we need to understand that not only pregnant women infected the toxoplasma virus, but most people are also infected, so this is why we suggest that you do a good "TORCH" examination before pregnancy.Secondly, the main infection of Toxoplasma is not the dog itself, but the meat of human beings, or some unspeakable and unspeakable meat.Most people are infected with Toxoplasma virus, and most of them are invisible infections.In other words, except that when immunity is low, most people infected the toxoplasma virus without clinical manifestations; however, for pregnant women, once the toxoplasma virus is infected, the fetal deformity can be caused, and the mortality rate is high.Therefore, to do a good job before pregnancy, pay attention to raising dogs scientifically and reasonably after pregnancy, is the best way to prevent infection of Toxoplasma virus!

Third, the impact of abandoning the dog during pregnancy The impact on expectant mothers. During the pregnancy, the emotions of expectant mothers are easy to fluctuate. Due to pregnancy and sending the dog away, it is likely that the expectant mothers are in a poor mood, such as uneasiness, anxiety, irritability.Even suffering from depression!In addition, if you can walk the dog appropriately with your family during pregnancy (except for the large or more lively dogs), it will also help ensure that the quantity of the expectant mothers!The impact on dogs, giving away, and even abandonment, the impact on the dog is great!As a result, many problems arising will also become hidden dangers, missing the old master, depression, irritability, and hurting people.We strongly condemn this irresponsible behavior of abandoning dogs!Abandoning dogs will cause many social hazards, so that dogs are full of distrust of humans and attacking humans. It is more likely to be used by illegal dog vendors and send it to the dining table.

Parents who grow up with more and more growth in dogs and children realize that raising a small animal for children, under the supervision and guidance of adults, let the children take care of it and accompany it, not only can cultivate children’s love and responsibility, but alsoIt can improve children’s hands -on ability, communication ability, expression ability, group spirit and equal awareness.Dogs’ life can let children understand the whole process of life, old, sickness, and death, and strengthen their understanding of life, and the nature of puppies can also soothe the loneliness of the only child, leaving a valuable and special friendship for the child!

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