Can’t you have a child with hypertension?According to this method, you can also give birth to a healthy baby

” For some women, pregnant and having children are the most precious experience in their lives, but many female patients with hypertension have worried.What should I do if my child inherit my hypertension?What should I do if I can’t take antihypertensive drugs during pregnancy? What should I do if blood pressure can not be controlled?What to do if emotional instability during pregnancy is soaring … If these problems that plague patients with hypertension are not solved, then this child must be uneasy.

Today, Dr. Li will learn with you what to do if patients with hypertension want to have children.

The first thing to do must be to adjust your mentality. Don’t be too anxious. The problems you worry about, the doctor has encountered it before, and the doctors will help you based on experience.

If you have high blood pressure, will your child inherit high blood pressure?

This is possible. At present, more than 60%of patients in my country have a family history of high blood pressure, but this is not a key factor that hinders you to be a mother.Academician Zhong Nanshan also has hereditary hypertension, but through medicine and healthy living conditions, daily life has not been affected.

Can I take antihypertensive drugs during pregnancy to control blood pressure?

In fact, it is possible, but be sure to take medicine under the guidance of a doctor. Do not change the types and dosage of the drug without authorization.Measure blood pressure every day, and communicate with the doctor in time if there are problems.Dr. Li recommends nifedenopinemtoppy and Malotor, mainly horizontal drugs or Lorr drugs.During pregnancy, you must not take Pribliine and Salin drugs.

Reasonable use of drugs does not cause obvious physical damage and can give birth to healthy babies.

What should I do if endocrine instability causes hypertension during pregnancy?

This condition is called pregnancy hypertension in medicine, and is a more common pregnancy disease.

It is definitely the primary task of high blood pressure to reduce its blood pressure. There are many taboos of medication during pregnancy. In general, doctors recommend the use of nonetopicine or Labelol, prohibiting Pully and Saltic drugs.

There are still many questions. I ask specialists. These doctors can help you and dispel your doubts. The most important thing that needs to be caring most is the matter of all aspects after pregnancy.

1. Good living habits cannot be ignored

A proper amount of water replenishment; guaranteeing sufficient and good rest. Here you recommend to doctors and use the left side to rest and sleep; take a shower for a shower, not to exceed 15 minutes;Less hair, less cosmetics.

2. Healthy eating habits must be implemented

The health of pregnant women and fetuses must be maintained to a large extent.

The diet of pregnant women must pay attention to light, less oil and salt, eat less and eat more.Here, Dr. Li recommends some foods that are more suitable for hypertension for pregnant women. There are mainly fish, duck meat, chicken protein, lean meat, tofu, almonds, walnuts, celery, spinach and other foods, which are very recommended.

3. Moderate exercise habits Insist on maintaining

Although it is said that pregnant women have a big belly, they are not easy to do, they are still recommended to do some simple exercise.

As the saying goes, "walking is the best exercise". Dr. Li recommends that you can take a walk with his family for about 30 minutes. This is the safest and most effective way of exercise.According to scientific research, mild hypertension does not even need to take medicine, and insisting that exercise can have a good effect of suppressing blood pressure.

4. Regular physical examination cannot be interrupted

The body of a pregnant woman is inherently weak, and it takes more frequent health examinations, especially for hypertension pregnant women.In addition to regular birth checkups, regular hypertension checks must also be adhered to, and doctors will also adjust the dose of antihypertensive drugs based on your blood pressure.

For patients with hypertension, all aspects of life should be paid attention to. If you want a child, you must take care of your own fragile body.As a doctor, when I saw a hypertension pregnant woman, it was difficult to not touch it. It was because I knew the suffering they suffered, so I respect the greatness of maternal love.

For novice mothers, giving birth to a baby is not only a surprise, but also a difficult task. High -blooded mothers are even more hard, but when you see a healthy baby in your arms, you are waiting to be fed in your armsAt that time, I believe your smile is naturally unable to hide.


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