Case sharing | Gynecological tumors are found during pregnancy, or lived or lived?The doctor tells you the answer

Xiaoli (pseudonym) is a young expectant mother in her twenties. When she was 5 months pregnant, her vaginal bleeding.She was anxious and thought she was a threatened abortion. She immediately went to the hospital to protect her tires. After the examination, the doctor told her that she was not a threatened abortion, but suffered from rare cervical nerve endocrine cancer. Not only did she need to be treated as soon as possible, but children and uterus could not be kept.

Knowing that she was about to advance to be a mother, she hadn’t passed, but was told that she would remove her child, and even deprive her of being the right to be a mother.Professor Lin Zhongqiu of Sun Yaxian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University.Lin Zhongqiu is the authority in the field of gynecological cancer treatment and the last front line of Xiaoli.

Lin Zhongqiu said that cervical nerve endocrine cancer is called the cervical small cell nerve endocrine cancer (SCNEC). SCNEC is extremely rare, with a high degree of malignant.A invasive gynecological malignant tumor, clinical treatment is difficult, and the prognosis is poor.

Due to the high degree of malignancy of cervical nerve endocrine cancer, far away metastases are prone to occur in the early days, and Xiaoli’s tumor has been 3 cm long and cannot be dragged again, otherwise it is likely to transfer to the whole body organs such as the lungs, which is life -threatening.The surgery needs to remove the entire uterus, but the fetus is too small to survive after birth.At first, Xiaoli wanted to retain her child, but Professor Lin told her that even if she chose to retain the uterus and keep the child. In case of threatening life, the child had no mother after birth …

In the end, Xiaoli listened to Professor Lin’s suggestion for surgery to bid farewell to the baby in the stomach.

Tumors during pregnancy are often particularly worried, which involves the health of two lives.Is there many such situations in reality?Professor Lin Zhongqiu said that the situation of gynecological tumors during pregnancy is very rare, because the incidence of tumors grows with age, and most of the pregnant women are younger, so the incidence of tumors is not high.At present, there are only more than 20 cases of gynecological tumors admitted to Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital for pregnancy.

What can be tired under the discovery of gynecological tumors during pregnancy?Professor Lin Zhongqiu said that whether you can protect your fetus based on the specific situation of pregnant women and comprehensively evaluate in all aspects, including: malignancy of tumors, gestational weeks, parts of tumor occurrence, fertility needs, patients’ personal will, and so on.But when facing the dilemma of protecting the fetus, the mother’s life is the first consideration.

Successfully protecting and taking birth of pregnant women, will the growth and development of their children’s births be affected?Professor Lin Zhongqiu and his team are currently conducting related research.According to Professor Lin Zhongqiu, the largest children are currently 10 years old, and no abnormal intelligence and growth and development have been found.

Today, the occurrence of tumors is young, and some patients have been diagnosed with malignant tumors before they complete the fertility plan.Can I still have children after tumor treatment?Professor Lin Zhongqiu analyzed that if it is a patient with advanced gynecological tumors, he has undergone surgery and radiotherapy, and generally loses fertility.Unless the uterus and ovaries are retained, there is no radiotherapy, but chemotherapy is performed.

It isore to be in theory, but it is difficult to implement.Most of the gynecological malignant tumor cancer is late. If the uterus is needed, frozen eggs are useless, because surrogacy is illegal.Only when there are early ovarian cancer, the tumor is limited to the ovaries, no cancers in other places such as uterus and opposite ovaries, and the tumor has no rupture, tissue differentiation, and low malignant.Ovarian, but this situation is very rare.If the bilateral ovarian is a limited early ovarian malignant tumor, the bilateral ovarian can be removed, the uterus can be retained, and the opportunity to be a test tube baby through the method of presented eggs in the future.

Therefore, friends who want to be a mother should be early and take advantage of their health.Wish women in the world do not face the cruel choices of life and flesh.

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