Causes and prevention of tooth swelling and pain during pregnancy

After pregnancy, the mother’s body will change a lot, various hormones in the body will change, and progesterone will increase, which will make the small blood vessels in the gums expand, distort and retention.EssenceWhen hormones increase, it will destroy large cells in the gums and releases histamine and proteases. This will make the gums more sensitive to the external stimulation of the outside world. After the mother’s gums are stimulated, inflammation and swelling and pain will occur.

In the first three months of pregnancy, there will be different degrees of gum problems. When pregnancy is eight months, the swelling and pain will increase.Therefore, when preparing for pregnancy, you can go to the hospital during pregnancy for oral examination to reduce hidden dangers.Pay attention to oral hygiene during pregnancy, reduce the bacteria caused by swelling and inflammation into the blood circulation of the mother’s body to affect the development of the fetus. At the same time, it can also avoid the systemic systemic response caused by increased cytokine and antibody.So how to prevent during pregnancy?

1. After pregnancy, try to drink plenty of water as much as possible. This can not only know the bacteria in the mouth, but also alleviate constipation. At the same time, walk as half an hour as possible. If possible, you can also participate in some simple outdoor sports.Try to defecate every day.

2, fatty and spicy foods can hurt the spleen and stomach, and it is easy to get angry, and it is easy to rot.Pregnant women were easy to eat constipation and should eat less foods that are easy to get angry, so usually eat more coarse grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. The food is as diverse as possible, and the nutrition is balanced. During pregnancy, try not to eat barbecue and hot

3. During the holidays, family and friends are reunited, the show is rich, more played, and more things during playing. Because of the lack of sleep, more food in the body will be more and more.There are many acne.Acne caused by internal heat, you can eat more fire -clearing foods or light diet to improve the skin. At the same time, don’t forget that you are a pregnant woman. The most need for pregnant women is to rest well. Pay attention to sleep.At the same time, the gum swelling and pain caused by fatigue, and the oral ulcers should be eaten more to cause the fire food, and you can eat more bitter gourd. This is a very good food.

In addition to the problem of gum swelling and pain caused by the changes in pregnancy, the most important thing is caused by internal fire caused by eating and sleeping.It can reduce this situation.


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