Cervicitis affects pregnancy? The seven major hazards caused by pregnancy are serious

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Some patients feel that it is not a big deal after checking the cervicitis. It feels that this is a very ordinary gynecological disease that will not be treated in time. In fact, it is particularly serious to the patient’s physical harm.We need to be clear, and we must treat symptomatic treatment according to our condition in a timely manner.Cervicitis affects the seven major hazards caused by pregnancy.

Does cervicitis affect pregnancy?

Cervicitis can have a certain impact on pregnancy. Cervicitis patients, especially moderate and severe cervical erosion patients, have more secretions and have a large amount of white blood cells, which seriously affects the vitality of male sperm and affects their entering the women’s palace.The cavity affects women’s pregnancy.However, it is worth noting that when there is cervicitis, not pregnancy is not necessarily caused by cervicitis, and there are many reasons for female infertility. I hope women should have a comprehensive examination and find out the specific infertility.reason.In addition, cervicitis should be treated in time, and it must not delay the best time to treat.

Whether cervicitis can be pregnant is also related to pelvic inflammatory disease. When women suffer from cervicitis, the inflammation spreads to the pelvic cavity and pelvic inflammatory disease because they are not found or have not obtained timely diagnosis and treatment.Pelvic inflammatory disease is a common cause of female infertility, especially chronic pelvic inflammatory disease is mostly manifested as bilateral tubulitis. Over timeThe atresia can also make the inner mucosa of the fallopian tube due to inflammation, which narrows or locks the lumen.In this way, the ovulation, sperm or fertilized eggs are disordered, leading to infertility.

Harm of cervicitis

1. The psychological burden is heavy and affects family harmony: Due to the complexity of cervicitis, it is easy to recur, and it is difficult to treat.Therefore, it will bring a certain psychological pressure to patients.Some patients are always worried about transmitting to their families and being known by their families.Misunderstanding of suspicion between husband and wife will affect family harmony.

2. There is a risk of canceration in durable or long -term cure: When the disease of cervicitis is serious, it may cause cancer.The immune system of patients with cervicitis is suppressed, and the disease can repeat repeatedly for a long time, which is annoying. In the end, it may cause genital cancer.

3. Infectiousness, can be transmitted to family or other people: Cervicitis has strong contagiousness, not only can spread through sexual contact, but also his family or friends can contaminate the virus towels, bathtubs, underwear, and other indirect contact infection.Essence

4, cause ulcers and bleeding.After the increase and increase of cervicitis, it can cause local foreign objects and discomfort.These parts are susceptible to microorganisms, and the hazards of cervicitis lead to ulcers, purulence, bleeding, pain and swelling in the lesion.

5. Test infertility: When patients with acute cervicitis, women’s secretions will increase significantly, the texture is viscous, and a large amount of white blood cells will have a adverse effect on the activity of sperm, which hinders sperm entering the uterine cavity, affecting conception, and seriouslyCan cause infertility.

6. Discarding abortion: Cervicitis can also become a cause of abortion. Cervicitis changes tissue and decreases elasticity, which will cause the output process to be unsuccessful.

7. Affected sexual life: Severe cervicitis can affect the quality of sexual life, make women feel painful and uncomfortable in the process of sex, and then reject sexual life.

Cervicitis diet

1. Avoid spicy, fried, warm foods: For example, peppers, onions, mustard, grilled chicken, and beef, lamb, dog meat, etc.Because these foods are mostly hot, if patients are consumed, fever may cause fever, which causes the disease to worsen these is the diet taboos of cervicitis.

2. Avoid sweet and thick food: If you have cervicitis, patients do not eat too sweet foods, such as candy, cream cake, eight treasure rice, pork, sheep fat, egg yolk, etc.The treatment effect of reducing cervicitis is that it is difficult to cure the condition of cervicitis.

3. Avoid drinking: Tobacco and alcohol are more irritating and are warm and stimulating food. If you can’t help but tobacco and alcohol during treatment, it is not only difficult to obtain the treatment effect, but it may also aggravate the diet of cervicitis.

4. Avoid hairdressers such as seafood: Common seafish, shrimp, crabs, clams and abalone and other river fresh and seafood aquatic products are hair products. If they are eaten during treatment, it is not conducive to the fading of inflammation.

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