Check the high blood sugar, how to control the sugar for pregnant mothers?

In my country, the incidence of gestational diabetes has been as high as nearly 20%according to statistics, and this chance is relatively high.Usually pregnant mothers check blood sugar at each birth check. During the 24-30 weeks of pregnancy, the "sugar-resistant screening" pregnancy test items are also required to understand the blood glucose of pregnant women.

Colleagues Xiaoling found that blood sugar was high and her sugar was not enough during the birth check. She was very nervous and worried that it would affect the baby.What should I pay attention to in diet and life during pregnancy during pregnancy?

Control your diet

Many pregnant mothers say that hungry after pregnancy is obvious, but do not eat and drink because they indulge in themselves. This can easily cause blood sugar to rise.

Pregnant mothers with high blood sugar should plan their daily diet, reasonable diet, light diet, avoid high sugar, high salt, heavy flavor, spicy food;

It is not recommended to eat exquisite rice noodle products such as too much rice and steamed buns. Its sugar lift index is relatively high. The intake of pregnant mothers with high blood sugar should be replaced by coarse grains instead of all or all staple foods to achieve thickness.

Each meal is equipped with high protein content such as eggs, fish, tofu, and dairy products, which can not only meet the balanced nutrition in the body, but also enhance the sense of satiety.

Daily fruits should not exceed 500g. Fruits such as grapes, watermelon, pineapple, and melon have high sugar lift indexes. Do not eat too much daily. You can choose low sugar indexes such as apples, pear, cantaloupe, cucumber, tomato, etc.

Pay attention to choose foods with low sugar content, such as sugar -free biscuits, low sugar milk, soy milk, etc. Do not drink desserts and sweet beverages.

Pregnant mothers can adjust three meals a day to more meals a day, so that they will not take too much sugar at one time, and can also reduce the burden on the stomach and intestines, improve digestion capabilities, and avoid rising blood sugar.

Sports cannot be less

Some hyperglycemia pregnant mothers think that they can eat less in bed all day without exercise. This idea is not desirable.

If there is no special physical discomfort, you need to stay in bed, and exercise during pregnancy is essential.Exercise can help the body better regulate insulin output, and then control blood sugar levels, which is not only conducive to the baby’s growth, but also promotes pregnant women’s delivery and postpartum recovery.

Pregnant mothers can choose to exercise quickly, pregnant women, yoga and simple housework according to their preferences and exercise ability. They should be about 30 minutes a day. It is advisable to not feel tired.

Reasonable body weight

The weight during pregnancy will inevitably increase. In order to ensure the baby’s nutrition, the diet will eat more than before.But this does not mean that pregnant mothers can fly themselves.

Especially for pregnant mothers with high blood sugar, too much weight gain will not only increase the risk of various pregnancy diseases such as pregnancy hypertension and gestational diabetes, but also cause excessive fetal weight to affect childbirth.

The weight gain during pregnancy needs to see the weight before pregnancy. Those who have too low weight before pregnancy increase their weight, and those who overweight and obesity before pregnancy have less weight gain.(As shown below)

Pregnant mothers with high blood sugar one -day diet recommendation:

Morning: You can drink a glass of milk, eat an egg, and add some staple food. It is best to have coarse grains, especially oatmeal, sweet potatoes and corn cakes, which can prevent the increase of blood sugar.Protein, amino acids, etc.

Lunch: You can choose brown rice, buckwheat noodles, and other high grains, such as corn, sweet potato, pumpkin, etc., and eat lean meat, fish, chicken and duck, etc.Vegetables, cold vegetables, soy products, etc., can be rich and balanced in nutritional intake.

Evening: Eat a light diet that is easy to digest for dinner, you can choose a small amount of brown rice, miscellaneous grains and other staple foods, or drink some millet porridge, mung bean porridge, red bean porridge, etc., with vegetables and soy products;The sense of satiety affects the quality of sleep.

Between the two meals in the morning and afternoon, that is, at 10 am, you can also eat some cucumber, tomato or sugar -free biscuits at about 4 pm.

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