Checking before marriage, I was inexplicably pregnant with my child

“”Pre -marital medical examination, the report shows that I am pregnant.Damn, I have been pregnant for 25 years, how can I get pregnant!

I come from a conservative family. My mother ordered me to not be in love during school or kissing hands with the boy, and it is impossible to live together. How can I get pregnant?Saying that my style was poor, I was retired.

On the night of being withdrawn, I sat on the balcony and thought hard, and finally remembered that I had been to the hospital once two months ago.So after I went to the hospital the next day, I was stunned by the hospital’s explanation: the doctor missed the object of artificial conception, and I was pregnant in a wrong way.

When I was about to flow off the child, the Lei family of the earthquake hero found me, saying that I was pregnant with the son of the hero.Lei Xiao, the son of the Lei family, sacrificed heroically in the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008. Before the sacrifice, he frozen a few small tadpoles. The daughter -in -law who had not entered the door came to the hospital for artificial conception.In my body.

My Liu Yunyun, 25 years old this year, is a conservative and traditional woman.It’s a bit ugly, it’s still a place.The media introduced the current boyfriend Chen Xie, and he just liked the place.After spending one month, we did not hate each other. We made up for each other and decided to get a marriage inspection and get married.Unexpectedly, a child was checked, shocked us, also shocked the parents of both sides, and destroyed my reputation and marriage.

In the examination room, the doctor told me that I was pregnant. I felt that the doctor was joking with me, and Chen Xie smiled with a stomach covering his stomach: "Doctor, you can really kidding, but my girlfriend is single for 25 years.Here. "My father and mother also laughed. In these years, I strictly abide by my mother’s entrustment. Even the boys’ fingers did not touch it. How could I get pregnant?

The doctor looked at the painful stomach of her boyfriend, and took out the inspection report seriously, saying that the pregnancy sac was indeed found in my body, and there would be no wrong.At this moment everyone’s smile was froze, looking at me, Chen Xie asked angrily: "Liu Yunyun, don’t you say you are a virgin, why are you pregnant?!" This is something he cannot accept.

His carefully selected wife must be places, and he likes clean and pure girls.He said he must be my first man, otherwise he could not accept it.I can’t figure it out, why do I have a child in my stomach, I panicked in my heart …

Maybe … the doctor was wrong. We replaced a hospital again, and the result was that I was pregnant."Break up and retreat my 200,000 color gifts to me. I didn’t expect you to get pregnant so dirty and pretend to be a virgin. If you want me to take over the game, there is no door." Chen Xie said angrily, and went away.I am stupid like a thunderbolt.

I swear that I really didn’t even touch the man’s fingers.I have never been in love since I was young, even if I was with Chen Xie, I was not too intimate.How can I get pregnant?This night when he was withdrawn, his father and mother did not sleep overnight. Dad smoking on the balcony alone, and the ground was full of a pile of cigarette butts.Mom blushed her eyes.

"Yun Yun, tell me honestly, who is the child?" My mother asked carefully, for fear that I would stimulate me because I was retired.I really do n’t know, I have n’t been in love, and I have n’t got along with men. How can I get pregnant?IntersectionI repeatedly thought about this problem all night.In the stomach of this good, how can you be a child? I am still a child myself?

As the saying goes, when you break up and see the character, Chen Xie’s cricket is too bad, so that the neighbors of the neighborhood knew.My reputation is completely broken now.If it weren’t for the cure for my mother for the 200,000 gifts of Chen Xiejia, I wouldn’t promise to settle with him so soon.I thought about it, maybe it was related to a operation I had done last month.

Last month, I was abnormal in menstruation. I went to the hospital for a maternal examination. The doctor said that I immediately cured me and gave me a needle directly. I lost my consciousness.When I woke up, the small surgery had been done.At that time, the doctor gave me a child in my stomach?This is too ridiculous!

The next morning, I found the doctor who showed me a doctor and told her after telling her, and then she felt deep.It turned out that there was another woman who was doing surgery that day. She wanted to be artificially conceived and continued her beloved man’s blood.Her man was a hero who sacrificed during the Wenchuan earthquake. Before going to Wenchuan, the troops made them frozen sperm. She wanted to have a child to the beloved man. As a result, the hospital was wrong.The seeds got into my belly.My parents and I felt incredible when they heard it.

This kind of thing that has almost no errors can happen to me, how lucky I am!It’s okay now, the family is yellow, and the 200,000 Cai Li is soaked, and my mother’s illness can only continue to delay. When our house does not know what to do with this child, a group of people broke into our house. They were the Lei family.People.

Who is the Lei family?The famous Lei family, the Lei family awarded the great hero of the great hero last year, the Lei family that the county knew. To this end, the roads in front of our village were renamed Hero Road.This sacrifice son has made honors for our counties and even our city in our village, and even in our city. I dare not play the descendants of this hero.

Lei Mu came in and looked at my belly, and her eyes seemed to be posted on me."Is your name Yun Yun? The species in your belly is the blood of our Lei family. I hope you can give birth to the incense of the Lei family." Lei Mu opened the door and saw that my parents were stunned.

I pretended to have seen the big world, and said bravely, "Do you say that life is born? Continuing the thunder incense is your Thunder family, it has nothing to do with me." Lei Mu saw me so resistant and started to play the emotional card, immediatelyStart wiping tears, a snot and tears: "Yun Yun, we Lei Xiao donated a body for the country, he was gone when he executed the task. Now, your belly is the only blood of our Lei family.It ’s the only blood of the Lei family in my poor son’ s share. ”It turned out that his son was the only male Ding of the Lei family and a special forces. Before the task was performed in the army, he left the seeds to leave the seeds.Essence

Sure enough, Lei Xiao was gone a year ago. Fortunately, there were seeds in the hospital, otherwise the Lei family would really break the incense.And Lei Xiao did not pass the door, so she claimed that she wanted to get the seeds and continued the family property of Lei Xiao for the incense.

I never thought that a big oolong, this was planted in my belly, giving me a flat life, bringing a shocking wave.In the face of the cry of Ray Mother, I still do not move and donate my country for the country. Should I continue to live for them?Who is pity again?My dad and mother were moved by the Lei family’s parents, and I pulled my hand and hoped that I could agree.I have to say that this trick is pitiful.

But my Liu Yunyun did not forget that my mother had 200,000 yuan to see a doctor. I could only be a woman who saw money. What kind of pity has nothing to do with me."Auntie, even so, I have no obligation! I am still so young, I don’t want to have children!"

When everyone is sad, my ruthless shocks like a clear stream.(To be continued)

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