Chen Kailin took a third child’s pregnant belly photo, and she stood on the high heels to stand on a single leg. I was not afraid of falling.

On November 28, Zheng Jiaying and Chen Kailin sent the good news of the third child. They said that the children were the most precious gifts in the world. They couldn’t wait to see the baby and thank everyone for their blessings in advance.

Zheng Jiaying became a dad at the age of 52, but the years did not leave too many traces on him. In addition to some wrinkles in the corner of the eyes, others were still like young people.There is a 21 -year -old difference with his wife.

Zheng Jiaying caressed the third child who was born in the air, and the couple were full of happiness.

The two also showed affection in front of their sons.Zheng Jiaying squatted on the ground while stroking his wife’s pregnant belly, listening to his ears.He looked at the eldest son with a smile, and RAFA was only 3 years old, but it was the second time to witness his mother’s pregnancy. Although he was young, his life experience was very rich.Sour.

On November 29, Chen Kailin shared her pregnant belly photo again. She said that she received a lot of information. After reading it, she felt deeply loved by everyone, so she expressed her gratitude to everyone again.

I have to say that Chen Kailin has been hidden deeply. Earlier, she was so frequently updated every day, and she did not let people see that she was pregnant. After the official announcement, she was very obvious.

In the photo, Chen Kailin was wearing a white loose sweater, holding her pregnant belly with her hands, and soothing the fetus in her belly.She faced the camera Wink, revealing the girlish atmosphere.

Every time I see the news of Chen Kailin’s pregnancy and child, everyone will feel like she is playing with trouble. On the one hand, because Chen Kailin has just finished giving birth, she immediately restores the wonderful figure, and on the other hand, because of pregnancyContinue life.

For example, Chen Kailin was wearing black stockings this time, very sexy, her legs are slender as bamboo poles, and the style is still the most beautiful hot mom.Of course, it is even more amazing that she was pregnant and dared to wear such high heels, and she didn’t worry about falling.

Chen Kailin not only wore high -heeled shoes, but also standing with one leg, sweating for her across the screen. Perhaps it was because of too many pregnancy experience that Chen Kailin became so confident.

Chen Kailin also took a close -up of her face, wearing a crown, holding her face with both hands, and a beautiful smile, it was the princess owner!

Chen Kailin is indeed the Miss Hong Kong champion and the most photogenic lady that year.

Chen Kailin must have saved the galaxy in his life. In this life, she was so smooth. She was born in a wealthy family. From a young age to big, she ushered in a highlight of her career at the age of 22. She was loved by her husband after marriage.Now that she is a mother for the third time, it is no wonder that her face always has a happy smile, and there is nothing bad at all.

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