Chen Meng was suspected to be unmarried first, and bluntly saw the greasy meal and was nauseous and nauseous. Netizens: Congratulations

Since Chen Meng and Zhu Xiaowei have been engaged, the disputes about the two have not been broken. Chen Meng has revealed what kind of expression, everyone will think that Chen Meng is disliked Zhu Xiaowei. Chen Meng does not love Zhu Xiaowei at all.With the property of the old Zhu family, Chen Meng was the next Chen Ya.

Although Chen Meng often faces controversy like this, Chen Meng’s attitude towards Zhu Xiaowei has not changed at all. Every time he looks at Zhu Xiaowei’s eyes full of love, it is gentle and gentle to treat Zhu Xiaowei. The opposite of Chen Yanan is the opposite of the previous Chen Yanan.At that time, Chen Yan’s dislike of Zhu Xiaowei always showed it. Even when facing the camera live, Chen Ya’s disliked eyes almost overflowed the screen.

It may be that Chen Meng’s love for Zhu Xiaowei moved the coat brother. Brother coat directly regarded Chen Meng as a daughter -in -law. Whether it was the wedding photo of the wedding photo or the preparation of the wedding room, the coat brother was based on the highest standard.It can be seen how much the old Zhu family attaches great importance to Chen Meng!

Now that Chen Meng and Zhu Xiaowei have also been married, after taking the wedding photo, I went to the studio to choose a movie. Watching the young couple have been busy for the wedding, everyone started to curious about when the wedding was held.Chen Meng came up with good news.That is, Chen Meng, who is a daughter -in -law of his coat, is doubtful.

This news was not made by netizens, but Chen Meng, who often danced on his personal account, did not dance without dancing. Instead, he posted a dynamic.The old nausea was disgusting, so I boiled a little light millet porridge to drink, so that it would be possible to relieve the nausea.

Although Chen Meng simply said that he was old and nauseous, and did not say what was going on with his disgusting, but you must know that the comment area can be described as a talent.The enthusiastic message said that this was not ordinary nausea. This was pregnancy and sent a blessing to Chen Meng in advance.Congratulations to Chen Meng.

The news that netizens heard Chen Meng’s pregnancy were both happy and worried. What was happy is that the old Zhu family finally had a grandson. You must know that the coat brother has been looking forward to his grandson for many years.Previously, Chen Yanan also openly opened the live broadcast Zhu Xiaowei "no". Now that Chen Meng is pregnant, she can be regarded as raising her eyebrows.

Next, let’s talk about the concerns of netizens. You must know that if Chen Meng is pregnant at this time, it is bound to be unmarried. After all, she and Zhu Xiaowei’s wedding have not been held, and Zhu Xiaowei has not reached the legal age of marriage. This childIt is also difficult to give birth to a hukou.And unmarried first pregnancy in the countryside will be pointed out, but it does not matter. There is a coat brother. I believe that these things that netizens are worried about are nothing.

If Chen Mengzhen is pregnant, it will inevitably be an absolute contributor for the old Zhu family, and it will definitely care for him all of them. It seems that Chen Meng is the good man who is really suitable for Zhu Xiaowei.There is no movement in my belly for a year, and I look at the gap between love and love.What do you think?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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