Chengdu Didi driver "abandon the order", send a big bleeding pregnant woman for medical treatment: who will help who will renew the hand

"Can the master send us? My wife is almost born." On July 14, the window of the driver of Didi driver was knocked out. When he heard this request, the handsome master who had stopped waiting for the customer quickly greeted him.People get on the car.

Pregnant women are about to produce, and their lower body bleeds more … In order to reach as early as possible, the handsome master runs through red lights and retrograde without the premise of ensuring safety.In the end, it took about 5 kilometers to the fifth People’s Hospital of Chengdu City in 20 minutes.After 20 minutes of the hospital, the baby was born, and the mother is still treated in a high -risk ward.

Afterwards, the handsome master discovered that his original order guest was Mr. Yang’s family."That day was that I was late, but Master Master was willing to reach out and run the red light to send us safely. We are very grateful and moved." Mr. Yang said.

Pick up a drop of drip driver for help for a pregnant woman’s bleeding is about to come.

At 9 am on July 14th, Wen Jiang was still raining. Mr. Yang took 38 weeks of pregnancy to the hospital for examination. "It should have been checked in two days, but the wife said it was uncomfortable and went early." Mr. Yang passed his mobile phone. "I called an online car, and before I had time to call the online car master, I found that my wife was wrong when I got off the stairs.

"The white skirt worn by his wife started to bleed the lower body." Mr. Yang recalled that he had no time to think too much. He quickly dialed the 120 emergency call.

The sanitation worker on the side also came up to ask the situation of the pregnant woman. Mr. Yang took a dozen steps and knocked on the window of a black car stopped by the side. "Can the master send us? My wife is almost born."

At this time, the 33 -year -old handsome master was sitting in the car. As a Didi driver, he was waiting for his passenger after receiving the order."Pregnant women’s production is more important than the college entrance examination. Can the college entrance examination wait for another year, and the pregnant woman is waiting?" The handsome master immediately greeted the two to get on the car.

Gels the red light on the way to the road to the road to the road to retrograde.

After the pregnant woman got on the car, the handsome master discovered that the lower body of the pregnant woman had been bleeding.

Urgent situation.Starting from Huayu Road, Wenjiang, Politatte’s East Road, Zhengtong West Road to Aerospace Road, passing through Fengxi Avenue to the destination place to become the fifth people’s hospital of the city.The journey of about 5 kilometers arrives in about 20 minutes.Because the doctors of the Fifth People’s Hospital of Chengdu have been contacted on the car, the vehicle was suspended in the emergency department and was rushed to the obstetrics and gynecology department.

"I am also a father. I can understand the mood of being a father. He (Mr. Yang) was in a desperate situation at the time, and normal people would help him." In order to save time, the handsome master "under the premise of ensuring safety, I ran through the red light."After passing through the aerospace road, the vehicle lined up, and the handsome master didn’t think about it.

"At that time, I felt that if I was electronically, I was deducted and fined, and I recognized it. It was indeed an urgent situation." Master Master recalled.

After 20 minutes, the baby was born, and the mother and child were safe."When it was just sent, the doctor told me,‘ If it is later, children and adults will be dangerous. ’I think of it or scared.” Mr. Yang recalled.It stated on the outpatient medical records issued by Chengdu Fifth People’s Hospital on July 14: "20 minutes of vaginal bleeding", once diagnosed as "late pregnancy hips aura abortions, vaginal bleeding to be diagnosed." As of July 17, maternal mothersStill observation and treatment in high -risk ward.

I accidentally found that the delivery of family members is their own order customer

On the afternoon of the 14th, the handsome master brought the umbrella that Mr. Yang forgot, and the fruit purchased to visit the ward again.

Afterwards, the handsome master also explained to Didi, "That is a life after all. If you want to deduct the service score, I also recognize it. It can be earned just a matter of time." On July 17, the reporter from the Chengdu Business Daily contacted Didi.For the relevant personnel, the other party stated that after verification by the background, it was found that the driver master had a report with the background, and the service score would not be affected.

Occasionally, the handsome Master accidentally discovered when watching Didi orders that Mr. Yang was originally called Mr. Yang."At that time, they needed to use cars, and I didn’t consider so much, and they didn’t say. In that case, they were considering the safety of pregnant women and children who bleed hemorrhage. Instead of any driver, they would help."

Mr. Yang also unexpectedly learned of this situation on July 17th. "I was late that day, but Master Master was willing to reach out to help the red light and send us safely. We are very grateful and moved."


The situation has been accepted

After the collection of evidence, investigation and processing

On July 17, a reporter from Chengdu Business Daily learned that the Wenjiang Branch of the Chengdu Public Security Bureau has accepted the matter, and the next step will be reported to the Chengdu Traffic Management Bureau.On the 16th, Mr. Yang, a handsome master and a pregnant woman family member, had handed over the relevant information with the police.

In this regard, the police of the Chengdu Traffic Management Bureau stated that the traffic violations caused by the citizens’ escort patients can explain the situation to the public security traffic management department and provide relevant evidence materials.After the police department is submitted to the investigation and verification, the corresponding treatment is performed.

However, the police suggested that if the citizens encounter a similar situation, they should report to the police as soon as possible, and the public security department will deal with emergency situations in a timely manner.

Chengdu Business Daily Client reporter Yan Xue

Photography reporter Zhang Zhi

Edit Jing Lingyan

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