Cold during pregnancy, my mother -in -law asked me not to take medicine!There are these good ways to not take medicine

One of the things that pregnant women are afraid of encounter is -a cold!Colds during pregnancy are a headache. Generally speaking, it is best not to use medicine during pregnancy, and if a cold does not need medicine, people will be very uncomfortable.What should I do if I have a cold during pregnancy?Listen to what the doctor says.

Liang Donghui, chief physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Pearl River Hospital of Southern Medical University, told his family doctor to edit online that the first three months of pregnancy was the most afraid of colds, because this time was a period of embryonic formation.Especially sensitive.

Once a cold, whether it is bacterial or viral, or is caused by mycoplasma and chlamydia infection, it may cause fetal deformities or abortion, especially viral colds and chlamydia causes high deformity rates, and they must be very careful.

Pregnant women have a cold, which is also a very headache for doctors.Although there are many cold medicine anti -inflammatory drugs, no one is "suitable for pregnant women", which generally says "pregnant women with caution or disable.The safety of pregnant women and fetuses. Doctors suggest that in the first three months of pregnancy, try not to use it as much as possible!

However, it is not completely impossible to take medicine throughout pregnancy.Some pregnant women who are pregnant for five or six months will still be recommended to retain their children even if they have a moderate cold.This is because the fetal organs have basically formed at this time, and the impact of proper choice of medication has a small impact on the child.

According to clinical experience, the best way to deal with pregnant women’s colds is to rest in bed, drink plenty of water, eat a lot of vitamin C, and increase resistance.

If pregnant women have a cold cold, such as fever and cough are severe, they need to go to the hospital immediately.Sweet colds will cause the fetus to escape the virus to infringe, and pregnant women themselves are dangerous.

It should be emphasized that some pregnant women may have symptoms like colds such as dizziness, drowsiness, etc. in the early stages of pregnancy, and do not take the medicine immediately before the diagnosis.If only the above two symptoms are diagnosed with a cold.Even if you have a mild cold, you should be accompanied by sore throat, cough, and runny nose.If you don’t know if you have a cold or pregnancy, you should go to the doctor in time to avoid problems.

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