Common complications of menstruation, infertility, miscarriage, and artificial discharge


Ms. Gong did two abortion due to unexpected pregnancy, but she found that the menstruation was less and less menstruation after the flow of people. In the past year, Ms. Gong said that her menstruation was obviously much less than before. Before each vacation, the stomachache was terrible.EssenceTwo months ago, menstruation suddenly gone. I thought about pregnancy. I tested it with early pregnancy test strips and found that I was not pregnant.Thinking about observation next month, there was still no example.Ms. Gong felt wrong, so she quickly went to the hospital. As a result, she found that the common complications of artificial abortion-uterine cavity adhesion.

In fact, many women will go through the drug flow, abortion, and incompetence of the palace, less menstruation, and periodic stomach pain. These are mild complications after abortion.Abortion can’t afford to hurt, these injuries are caused by artificially, even amenorrhea, repeated abortion, and infertility.Although some women recognize and some do not recognize the harm of miscarriage, there are still women who go to the outpatient clinic.

At the same time, there are many responsible men that there are many kinds of contraceptive measures. If you love her, take sufficient contraception measures.Don’t bring her unnecessary damage.

In normal uterus, the front and rear walls of the uterine cavity are touched and closed, and the endometrium of the uterine cavity will not be adhesive. It is to come to the holiday, and the endometrium will not be adhered. The reason is that the endometrium base layer is complete.Without harm, you can quickly repair the endometrium function layer.

However, in the case of drug flow, abortion, clearing palace, inflammation, etc., endometrial integrity is damaged, and the uterine cavity and cervix are damaged, resulting in the original seeping and sedimentation of the fibrin in the uterine, forming the uterine cavity adhesion.

The uterine cavity adhesion is generally divided into three degrees -mild adhesion is relatively related to miscarriage, and moderate and severe adhesion can basically lead to absolute infertility.

Why can medium and severe adhesion cause absolute infertility?

1. The adhesion area is large

2. The fiber layer is completely sticky together

That is to say, your endometrium layer is basically gone, and the base layer below is completely connected. Even after separating the uterine cavity, the base layer cannot grow new endometrium.

Therefore, for patients with severe uterine cavity adhesion, if the adhesion area is very large, for example, as high as 50%or more, the probability of pregnancy is quite slim.

Can I still get pregnant with uterine cavity adhesion?

The uterine cavity can be pregnant after being effectively cured. Women of childbearing age must go to a professional hospital for comprehensive examination before preparing for pregnancy.

Polycystic ovary syndrome, fallopian tube infertility, immune infertility, habitual abortion, etc.

At present, cervical adhesions are used to use hysteroscopy, which can not only judge the degree of cervical adhesion, but also determine the type of adhesion, and then perform effective treatment based on the specific condition, and can directly perform the uterine adhesion.Women can also get pregnant again after restoring menstruation.

Hysteroscopic electrical cutting is a method for treating more adhesive applications. It can make accurate judgments on the adhesive parts, scope, and tissue types, fully separate adhesions, restore the normal shape of the uterine cavity, promote endometrial repair, and active ideal effects.

This method has the advantages of small uterine injuries, small ovarian function, and the advantages of small trauma, high safety, and ideal recovery of the uterine cavity.

Hysteroscopy is a common method of gynecological examination and treatment. It refers to the application of the diarrhea of the uterine and expand the uterine cavity. Observe the cervical tube, the inner mouth of the cervix, the uterine cavity and the uterine cavity and the uterine cavity and the uterine cavity and the uterine cavity.The physiological and pathological changes of the fallopian tube opening can be intuitive and accurate and sent to the pathology examination for the diseased tissue; at the same time, it can also be treated directly under the hysteroscopy.

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