Congratulations!The second child of Hong Kong actresses was born, and the volatile tubes were aborted in two times. The pregnancy process was so dangerous

Today, the Hong Kong star couple Chen Baiyu and Fu Xiaowei announced the news of the birth of the younger daughter. Fu Xiaowei said in the social media text: "Welcom Audrey can’t wait for the 21st." It seems that the young daughter Audrey was born early.Chen Baiyu, who is his father, also generously took photos of his daughter’s birth, and happiness overflowed with words.

Chen Baiyu and Fu Xiaowei’s younger daughter’s English name is Audrey. Because the child just needs a lot of time to rest. It can be seen that the little daughter closed her eyes most of the time, but it can be seen that she looks cute, her hair is fluffy, and her facial features are as delicate as toy dolls.

The little daughter looked like her sister Abigail’s birthday, and Chen Yichen was very happy to welcome the fine girl. She also took the camera to the hospital to take a picture of her sister. This warm scene shared by Chen Baiyu was blessed by many netizens.

Chen Baiyu’s wife Fu Xiaowei announced that she was pregnant again in October last year. This was also her after two miscarriage. Fu Xiaowei said on a social platform at that time, "I did not expect to give us a gift to us this year, thank you for being pregnant again!"

Fu Xiaowei met with singer Chen Baiyu in 2011 with singer Chen Baiyu.Fu Xiaowei gave birth to a daughter in 2018, and has always wanted to regenerate multiple children. Unfortunately, many attempts have not succeeded.

Fu Xiaowei was abortion due to ectopic pregnancy in 2020. Later, she was pregnant again because she suffered from Edward’s disease.And psychological shadow, Fu Xiaowei also lost the courage to regenerate children.

Until the success of the two again last year, the majority of netizens wished them very much. Now the younger daughter was born, and many netizens left a message to express their movements.As for whether the netizens are curious whether the couple will have three babies, Chen Baiyu also said earlier that he would not have a regeneration after giving birth.

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