Continuous miscarriage twice, this time she lived the uterus ‘tie’ and kept her baby

Source: Zhejiang University Second Hospital

Author: Hu Shen

Being a mother is a very happy moment in the life of a woman, but the pain and the hardships of childbearing have a different color for the mother’s vocabulary.

"Husband knows how painful I have a child?"

"Can he feel the same?"

Giveting children is not a matter of women alone. Family support and understanding have also affected whether this journey is beautiful.

"Doctor, please think about the way, this time we must help us keep this child. It is not easy for us to ask this baby!" In the obstetric ward, Mr. Zhang (pseudonym) told Director of Obstetrics Wang Liquan.

"For this pregnancy, my wife had suffered a lot. I had a miscarriage in the previous two pregnancy. Now I have just turned 5 months, and …" Mr. Zhang mentioned the condition of his wife, Ms. Wu (pseudonym), chokedIt’s right.

The process of asking Mr. Zhang and Ms. Wu is very bumpy.

At the beginning of 2018, the young couple became pregnant shortly after her wedding. For this newly established little family, this was very happy.However, at the 24 weeks of pregnancy, Ms. Wu appeared in vaginal redness and flow fluid. After the failure of the hospital in the local hospital, there was no specific reason for the abortion.

The accident was caught off guard, watching the cute baby in the belly away from herself, Ms. Wu felt heartache.

After a lapse of half a year, I just walked out of the shadow, and Ms. Wu became pregnant again. "The first miscarriage is just a joke on the sky. This time, pay attention to the smooth production." Xiao Liang thought.

However, God made a joke about this family. At 23 weeks of pregnancy, Ms. Wu had no warning again …

For more than 20 weeks, the baby in the belly is already kicking, and the little fetus interacts with himself. This little family is already conceiving the happiness of the family of three.With a big blow, Ms. Wu began to doubt herself: What should I do?Can I still be a mother?

In the summer of 2020, the little life was quiet again, and Ms. Wu was pregnant for the third time!

The little couple’s mood is excited and embarrassed, so be sure to keep the child!

The couple are particularly worried that at 23 weeks of pregnancy, Ms. Wu found that the cervix tube was expanded throughout the time of the BMW, and was separated by about 2.7cm in a wider area."Can’t stop your baby!

This time, they chose the obstetrics of the Second Hospital of Zhejiang University. In the clinic of Deputy Chief Physician of Dai Guoliang, the two couples told the difficult process of asking for the child.Faced with their concerns, Director Dai learned in detail and immediately collected Ms. Wu for admission.

After the comprehensive evaluation of the obstetric expert group, Director Wang Liquan considers the first cause of the two abortion of patients is that the cervical function is incomplete. If it is not intervened as soon as possible, the abortion is inevitable again.

The most important thing at the moment is to "keep" the cervix of the prospective mother and keep the baby’s door in and out. After fully communicating with their family members, Deputy Chief Physician Dai Guoliang led the surgery team to make a preventive cervical ring for Ms. Wu.

The surgery is very smooth. In order to reduce the pressure on the cervix, the expectant mothers have to lie on the bed 24 hours a day. Although life is very inconvenient, in order to retain this cute little life, Ms. Wu and obstetric doctors dare not relax at all.Essence

Through the treatment of drugs and static bed protection, everything is smooth, 26, 30 weeks, 34 weeks … The baby’s heart, lungs, brain and other organs are gradually developing and mature.Stability is born!

The fat, soft and tender baby finally came to her mother. The hardship of pregnancy was thrown behind at that moment, and the young couple left a happy tears.

The incomplete cervical function is an important cause of abortion and premature birth in the middle and advanced pregnancy.Typical manifestations are painlessness in the middle and late pregnancy, dilatation of cervical pipes in the middle and late pregnancy, and no premature breakthrough with the fetal membrane, and the mortar cervical mouth of the amniotic sac.

Cervical ring tie operation is currently the only technical and effective method for treating incomplete cervical function. It provides a certain degree of mechanical carrying support for weakened cervical structure. At the same time, it maintains the length of the cervicalsignificance.Studies have shown that the emergency cycle can extend the gestational period of 6-9 weeks, while the conservative treatment of bed rest is less than 4 weeks.Even when the cervix expands 4cm, the emergency cycle should be considered.


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