Contraceptives are most troublesome?Points!Don’t go to these 8 types of people

Camels in the ancient Egyptian era thousands of years ago were the main transportation tools in the desert. People put small pebbles into the camel’s uterus to prevent camel from getting pregnant on the journey.About 100 years ago, Dr. Gryffindor, Germany, around the silver silk outside the silkwood and put into a woman’s uterus, which can also have a contraceptive effect.This is the prototype of the earliest interior contraceptive ring.

You only need to put the small breeding ring into the uterine cavity, and you will not get pregnant without wearing a condom. Such a simple and convenient surgery is quite controversial.Is it a problem?

After women discharge eggs from the ovaries, they will fertilize in the fallopian tubes and sperm, and then form embryos, and then grow in bed in the uterus.

The upper ring is to block the steps of the embryo in the uterus. During this period, the contraceptive ring will constantly scrape the uterine wall, causing aseptic inflammation of the uterus, which will cause miscarriage and achieve the purpose of contraceptives.In essence, the in -palace -saving device is equivalent to a long -term and gentle curettage.

After some women "Shang Ring", there will be some discomfort in their bodies. This is because after the ring is on the ring, the uterus will "reject" this foreign body from the outside world, trying to discharge it out of the body through uterine contraction.

This will produce physical discomfort such as lower abdomen discomfort, minor backache, increased leucorrhea, a small amount of vaginal bleeding or increased menstrual flow.The adaptation of the uterus to the "ring" requires a process. These discomforts generally disappear within 3 months without special treatment.

Sheung Wan will not inhibit female ovulation or affect women’s endocrine systems.However, there are certain risks. The most common clinical complications include uterine perforation, postoperative infection and bleeding during the operation.However, the incidence of these complications is relatively low. In terms of bleeding during the surgery, usually bleeding 5-10ml, far more than one more menstrual flow.After the ring is put, there is a chance that vaginal hemorrhage, abdominal pain, ectopic pregnancy, and uterine injury have occurred.

According to clinical medical records, some people cannot go to the ring!

1. There is a systemic disease: If you have severe heart, lung, liver, kidney, and blood system diseases, such as heart failure, diabetes and severe anemia, or the acute period of various diseases cannot be on the ring.

2. Reproductive organs: You must wait for the deformity to be treated before you can go to the ring.

3. Genital tumors: such as uterine fibroids, ovarian tumors, etc.

4. Reproductive tract inflammation: such as trichomonas, mold vaginitis, severe cervical erosion, acute or chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.

5. There are many menstruation, many menstruation or unclean.In this case, you need to reduce the adverse symptoms of menstrual period before you can go to the ring.

6. The size of the uterine cavity: The uterine cavity is greater than 9cm or less than 5.5cm.

7. On the day of the loop, if the body temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees, the body temperature should be on the ring.

8. The cervix and the position of the uterus are abnormal: if the cervix is too loose, or severe cracking or severe uterine prolapse, it is easy to fall off after looping.It is necessary to heal or be controlled by these conditions.

Contraception is a matter for both couples. They understand and understand each other. Choose the way of contraception that they accept.

Caring for women, starting from healthy contraception!

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