Contrastable pills, must you make up if you miss it?##

There are always more women’s affairs, and they cannot be tangled by children. This can also be tangled with children’s contraception. Men are unwilling to put on, women are unwilling to go to the ring, and they can only be tangled on the issue of contraceptives.

But many women do not know much about contraceptives, and it is inevitable to science.

Contraceptive pills are a type of oral contraceptive preparations based on bleal hormones; according to the type of preparation, it can be divided into: external contraceptives and oral contraceptives; according to the time of taking, it can be divided into: long -acting contraceptives, short -acting contraceptives, and emergency contraceptivesDue to the small side effects of contraceptives and relatively safe and reliable contraceptive effects, most women with childbearing age are more acceptable.

Short -acting oral contraceptives are not emergency contraceptives, but short -acting medicines that need to be taken according to the cycle. The most common is usually taking three weeks to stop for one week.For 21 consecutive days).If during the use, one night is missed, and the next morning, hurry up, and the one of the next night needs to continue to eat.If you do n’t make up in time, it is likely that Auntie will visit in advance, but it does n’t matter. On the fifth day of menstruation, start eating a box.In the process of short -acting contraceptives, there may also be a small amount of bleeding, and there are no major problems. It is best to insist on eating a box.

Most of the current short -acting contraceptives are mainly progesterone, the impact on the human body is getting smaller and smaller, and the contraceptive effect is also very reliable. These short -acting oral contraceptives, in addition to the benefits of contraception, alsoThere are benefits other than contraception, such as the protection of endometrium, and will also have certain protection of the risk of ovarian tumors in the future.

In the big family of contraceptive pills, the emergency contraceptives can be divided into compound left apertopatone tablets, pure left apertophyll tablets, and progesterone antagonists, such as rice peroxone tablets, etc.wait.Then the emergency contraceptives of different dosage types will also be different. For example, the compound left pupaeurone tablets are mainly based on the estradiosol and left germine, mainly to suppress ovulation or inhibit the bed in bedThe role of different dosage types must be taken according to the manual, otherwise the effect of contraceptive may not be achieved.

Of course, all contraceptives will have indications, contraindications and risks. When choosing oral contraceptives, you must choose the appropriate variety and dosage based on your own situation.

Some women are still pregnant even if they take contraceptives, what should I do?

In case you are pregnant after taking contraceptives, let the doctor judge whether the child can ask according to the types and dosage of your contraceptives; if the estrogen elegance component in the contraceptive agent type is within the scope of safety, you can leave the child;For example, the contraceptives taken have powerful progesterone antagonists, such as long -acting contraceptives, which may cause dysplasia or malformations of fetal organs. Therefore, it is not recommended to retain children.Because the side effects of long -term contraceptives are greater, it is generally not recommended to eat it now.

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