Cough, palpitations, weakness … what to do?After Guan Yang recovered!Officially issued guidelines!

New type of coronary virus infection

What should I pay attention to during the recovery period?

How to do self -health management?

Beijing Health and Health Commission released

"Recovery Period of New Coronary Viruses infected

Health Management Expert Guide (First Edition) "

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1. Applicable crowd

According to the "New Coronatte Pneumonic Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Trial Ninth Edition)" and expert suggestions, when the new coronary virus infection meets the following standards and other symptoms are obvious, they have entered the recovery period: 1. Two consecutive nucleic acidsThe detection of negative, the CT value is ≥35; 2. The results of the antigen detection of the antigen for three consecutive days are negative; 3. When the home isolates for 7 days, the fever symptoms are reduced for more than 24 hours when the fever symptoms are not used.

2. Main health issues in the recovery period

And rehabilitation suggestion

According to the World Health Organization "New Guide to New Crown Pneumonia", combined with clinical observation and crowd investigation, the new crown virus infected people currently have the following health problems: shortness of breath, physical activity and exercise restrictions, physical decline, fatigue, sound, sound, sound, soundHoy hoarseness and cough, swallowing problems, smell of smell, anxiety and depression and sleep problems, physical pain, etc.

Specific breathing (shortness of breath)

New crown virus is more common after infection.Suggestions on respiratory rapids: You can try all kinds of positions to relieve shortness of breathing to determine which one is effective.Putting position: Lying flat (lying down) at the abdomen can help relieve breathing shortness; sitting forward: Sitting next to a table, leaning above the waist, lying on the pillow on the desktop, the arms are placed on the table, or sitting on the table, or sitting on the tableOn the chair, the body is leaning forward, and the arm is placed on the knee or chair armrests; the front is leaning: standing under the position, leaning forward, lying on the window sill or other stable support surfaces;Put it on both sides of the body, about 30cm from the wall, and the legs are separated.In addition, pay attention to the following situations that need to be diagnosed in time: very obvious shortage of gas and shortness after mild activity, and it cannot be improved after using any posture of relieving shortness of breathing; the degree of rapid breathing changes during staticness, and it cannot be improved after using any breathing control technology.; I feel chest pain, heartbeat, or dizziness during some posture, activity or exercise; the weakness of the face, arms, and legs appears, especially on one side.


Cough is an important defensive reflection of the body, which is conducive to removing respiratory discharge and harmful factors.Suggestions on cough problems: General mild cough can be treated without treatment.If there are many sputum or sputum, it is not easy to cough, and you can take acetylcysteine, amproxide, eucalyptus capsules, carboxymethyl tanchen and other expectorant drugs.For example, cough is mainly dry cough, you can take right Michafen, compound metamoxyle sacral capsules, anti -group amine.In terms of traditional Chinese medicine, if you have pain or cough (especially dry cough), there are no other symptoms, you can take Jingfang to defeat the poison, Yinqiao San, and Sangju drink to reduce the heat of the lungs, moisturize the lungs and relieve cough,Traditional Chinese medicine external treatments such as scraping can also be used.If the cough is severe, affects daily work or sleep, or lasts more than 3 weeks, it is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment.


Feeling that the body is weak or consciously fatigue, no obvious relief after rest is the symptom of the most commonly reported report on the recovery period of the new crown virus infection.Suggestions for weakness: Maintain the rhythm of daily life, determine the preferred order of activities, and formulate work plans reasonably.Symptoms are mild and difficult to breathe. It is treated with basic diseases while treating the treatment of qi drugs properly.If it is difficult to relieve breathing, you need to go to the hospital for medical treatment in time.You can use traditional Chinese medicine treatments such as bubbles to take 3 slices of ginger (about one dollar coin), 5 grams of Esperong, 5 grams of salt, cook for 10 minutes, add water to the ankle joint, control the temperature of 40-43 ° C, keep it maintainThis temperature is soaked for about 30 minutes, once a day.It is advisable to sweat slightly, not sweat.If you have a heart disease, the soaking time needs to be halved, and it should not be too long.If it is difficult to relieve breathing, you need to go to the hospital for medical treatment in time.

During the recovery of the new crown virus, it may occur in the process of rehabilitation, difficult to fall asleep, short sleep time, shallow sleep, and dreams


During the rehabilitation of the new crown virus, it may occur in the process of difficulty in falling asleep, short sleep time, shallow sleep, and many dreams.Suggestions on insomnia: regularly fall asleep and get up.Make sure that the environment is not distracted, such as too strong light or noise; try to stop using electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets one hour before going to bed; minimize nicotine (such as smoking), caffeine and alcohol as much as possibleIncreased intake; try to help sleeping skills, such as meditation, mindfulness decompression therapy, ideas or bathing, aromatherapy, Tai Chi, yoga and music.You can also use traditional Chinese medicine soaking methods.


In the process of new coronal virus infection and recovery, there will be painful manifestations such as bone joint pain, muscle soreness, and sore throat.Suggestions on pain problems: For joints, muscles, or systemic pain, you can take analgesic drugs such as heating and polygamy or ibuprofen.For sore throat, you can use drugs such as golden throat and mint tablets.Good sleep helps to reduce the symptoms of pain.Listening to relaxed music or meditation also helps to relieve pain.Adjusting the rhythm of daily activities is one of the keys to control pain.Traditional Chinese medicine external treatment can also be used.If you have obvious chest pain, you should go to the medical institution in time.


In the rehabilitation phase of the new crown virus, some patients have symptoms of panic and palpitations. At this time, it is recommended to pay attention to rest, regulate the daily routine, maintain adequate sleep. At the same time, they should strengthen their nutrition.Resistance.If the symptoms of palpitations are obvious, the fighting per minute lasts more than 100 times, less than 60 times, or irregularly beating. It is necessary to be alert to the occurrence of viral myocarditis. It is recommended to go to the hospital for examination in time to identify the cause and take measures.

Sound problem

The new coronal virus infection can cause the feeling of sore throat, irritating cough, and the accumulation of phlegm in the throat.There may also be weak sounds, breathless or hoarse, especially after using ventilators in the hospital.Suggestions on sound problems: Supplement enough water, and enter a small amount of water throughout the day to keep the sound as normal.Don’t make your sound nervous.Don’t speak with whispering, because this will make the vocal cord tense, and try not to speak loudly or shout.Inhale steam (covering the head with a towel with a towel, inhaling the steam from the cup of water) for 10-15 minutes, it can alleviate the drying and moisturizing channel.It is recommended to stop smoking.

Swallowing problem

It feels difficult when swallowing food and drinking, because it can help swallowing muscles weaker.Suggestions on swallowing problems: Keep your body sitting straight when eating and drinking. Do not lie down or drink.Keep upright after meals (sitting, standing, walking) for at least 30 minutes.Try foods of different textures, you can choose softer, smooth or humid foods, or cut solid food into very small pieces to eat.You should chew slowly when you eat, don’t gobble.Concentration should be concentrated when eating or drinking water.Try to choose a quiet place to eat.Avoid talking when eating or drinking water.Make sure that there is no food in the mouth and eat or drink.If necessary, swallow it once.If you feel tired for eating a complete meal, you can eat less meals in the day.Keep your mouth clean by brushing your teeth and drinking water.If you cough or sorrow when eating or drinking water, please consult with medical staff because food or drinks may be mistakenly entered into the lungs.

A sense of smell decreases

If the sense of smell or taste decreases, it is recommended to make the following attempts: brush your teeth twice a day to ensure oral hygiene.Smelling training, including smelling lemon, roses, cloves or eucalyptus every day, twice a day, 20 seconds each time.Try to add vanilla and spices to food, such as lemon juice and fresh vanilla.Most of the smell of smell decreases and recovers within one month after the infection of the new coronary virus.

Third, the psychological debugging period

And nutrition support

Psychological debugging period

In the process of new coronal virus infection and rehabilitation, there is natural emotions such as fear, nervousness, and anxiety, and there is no need to be too nervous.Overcoming fear, nervousness and anxiety, you can start from the following aspects:

It is necessary to achieve the rules of work and rest, ensure adequate sleep, and exercise, read, listen to music, etc. to ensure healthy diet.Do not adopt denying, avoiding shrinking, excessive dependence on others, accusations and complaints, diving emotions and losing temper, impulse, etc., especially do not try to alleviate tension through tobacco and alcohol.

Actively carry out psychological adjustment, communicate more with others, encourage each other, support each other, and transfer attention.

Breathing training, aerobic exercise, meditation, meditation and other methods can be performed to adjust emotions.

Nutritional support for recovery period

You can eat a small amount of meals. Pay attention to the diet and quantitative time, diverse food, and reasonable matching.Keep the diversification of food, pay attention to both vegetarian and thickness; eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, soybeans, milk, and cereals;Eat less fat and eat light and not greasy.Avoid eating spicy and irritating foods, fried and greasy foods.To ensure the amount of drinking water, the first choice of boiled water, drink less or not drink sugar -containing drinks.

Reasonable use of medicated diet for food and food therapy. Combined with the characteristics of winter climate, it is recommended to use Sydney Luoluo Hanyu water, corn beard orange peel water, white radish honey water, walnut shallot white ginger soup, pear soup, yam winter melon lotus seed porridge, coix seed poria porridge porridge, etc.Chinese medicine dietary therapy.

4. Precautions for daily life

In the recovery period of the new coronal virus infection, although the results of nucleic acid and antigen detection have become overcast, the body has not restored to the pre-disease level, and it takes 1-2 weeks or longer to completely alleviate.At this stage, in terms of personal protection, daily life, daily activities, and return work, we should gradually recover as usual in the aspects of gradual and effort.

Precautions for Living

At present, it is the high incidence of respiratory infectious diseases in winter. It does not rule out that the risk of overlapping the epidemic of respiratory diseases such as new crown virus infection and influenza, ordinary colds and other winter and spring infectious diseases cannot be reduced due to "Yang Kang".Mask reduces gathering, not to go to crowd gathering and space -closed places.Make your hand hygiene at any time, especially after the surface of public objects in contact with suspicious pollutants or high -frequency contact.

Ensure adequate nutrition, regular schedule and good sleep.Pay attention to eating more high -protein foods with nutritious food.Those who have smoking and drinking habits, especially those with dangerous factors, smoking and drinking will increase the basic diseases.It is recommended to quit smoking and alcohol after "Yang Kang".For those who have a bad appetite after "Yang Kang", or those with disorders, it is recommended to eat less meals.Diabetes patients should keep a regular diet and avoid great fluctuations in blood sugar.

After the symptoms of acute fever fades, you can take a bath if you allow your physical strength, but you should avoid steaming sauna.Avoid cold when bathing. Pay attention to the indoor temperature appropriate, and the temperature of the bath water should not be too high.

Precautions for daily exercise

On the basis of regular living and ensuring adequate nutrition and sleep, starting from low -intensity activities, such as walking, eight sections, simple daily housework, etc.If there is no obvious discomfort, you can gradually increase the intensity of the activity within a few weeks, such as up and down stairs, fast walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing until the normal activity status before the illness.

If you have discomfort such as chest pain, palpitations, dizziness, etc. during exercise, you should stop exercising immediately, and seek medical treatment in time.For patients with symptoms such as inpatient rehabilitation, patients with basic cardiopulmonary basic diseases, and patients with weakness, chest tightness, and dyspnea, they should avoid strenuous exercise or heavy work within 2 weeks.Perform higher intensity exercises after adaptation.

Precautions for returning work

At the beginning of the return work, starting from the lighter work, it gradually returned to normal workload and work status, avoiding nervousness, overtime, staying up late.

If possible, it can take 20-30 minutes lunch.

Due to the differences in physical fitness, age, and condition, the recovery time will also be different. Therefore, the recovery work is gradual, and the strength is standard.

Fifth, home disinfection recommendations

After entering the recovery period of new crown virus infections, indoor ventilation should be strengthened. On the basis of cleaning and hygiene, we should do a good job of disinfection in key areas and using items.The disinfection method is given priority to physical disinfection methods such as sun exposure and heat. For the surface of the home environment, chemical disinfection agents can be wiped.Disinfection agents can be used at home, such as chlorine disinfection agent, daily ammonium salt disinfection agent, hand disinfection agent, etc., and can also use alcohol or cyanium ammonium salt disinfection wet towel.

Disinfection methods of different objects

Indoor air.Daily open windows open ventilation to maintain indoor air circulation and do not have natural ventilation conditions, mechanical ventilation can be used to use exhaust fans and air -conditioning systems.

Object surface.The surface of the tables and chairs, furniture, door handles, faucet and other objects. When there are pollutants, pollutants should be cleaned first, and then disinfected with 500 mg/L chlorine -content disinfection solution.Wipe clean water after 30 minutes.Small items such as mobile phones, remote controls, mouses and other small items can be wiped and disinfected.

The ground and the surface of the wall that may be contaminated.If pollutants should be completely cleaned first and then disinfected, it can be wiped or sprayed with 500 mg/L chlorine -containing disinfection solution. The disinfection time is not less than 30 minutes.

Meal (drink).After cleaning, disinfect it for 15 minutes. You can also use 500mg/L to soak for 15 minutes after 500 mg/L, and then wash it with water.

Textiles such as clothes, bedding, towels.It can be boiled and disinfected for 15 minutes or washed with heating water. Keep it for 30 minutes above 56 ° C. You can also use a 1000mg/L daily ammonium salt disinfection agent or other clothing disinfection liquid for 30 minutes.For fabrics that cannot be washed, it can be stored in room temperature for 7-10 days.

Sanitary utensils such as mop, rags.It should be dedicated to the area to avoid crossing. After use, it should be soaked and disinfected with a chlorine -content disinfectant of 1000 mg/L. After 30 minutes of action, rinse it with water and dry it.

bathroom.After the toilet cushion and the periphery can be cleaned, wipe the disinfection with a disinfection solution containing 1000 mg/L-2000mg/L disinfection, and the toilet door handles, faucet, hand-wash table and other hands often contact.After 30 minutes of disinfection, wipe it clean with water to strengthen the bathroom exhaust.

Refrigerator and frozen food.If the frozen food stored in the refrigerator is polluted, it is recommended to treat it according to garbage; if you need to eat it, you can also cook it and cook it. During the processing of the processing food, you can do personal protection, wear masks, gloves, and strict hand hygiene.If the inner wall of the refrigerator is contaminated, it is recommended to refer to the "object surface" disinfection method after returning the temperature in the refrigerator.

Domestic garbage.The garbage is collected and cleaned in time. It is recommended that the double-layer plastic bags are tightly bandaged. Use a chlorine-containing disinfectant with 500 mg/L-1000 mg/L with a valid chlorine chlorine, spray disinfection on the outer surface of the garbage bag, and then transport it to the garbage spanning point.

Other items.For items that are not suitable for disinfection, such as books and valuables, it can be treated by closed sealing and room temperature for 5-7 days.

Care related precautions for disinfection

The disinfection solution should be available for existing, and a certain chlorine disinfection agent with a valid chlorine content is 5%as an example: take 1 disinfectant with 500 mg/L, add 99 parts of water and mix;1 disinfectant add 49 water and mix well.

The disinfection agent, especially the chlorine disinfection agent, has a certain irritation. Pay attention to personal protection when preparing and use, and prevent splashing the eyes.At the same time, the disinfectant has a certain corrosion. Pay attention to wipe it with water after the disinfection time to prevent damage to the items.

The disinfection solution should be used alone and is not mixed with other chemical ingredients. Before use, carefully read the instructions of the disinfection product, and strictly use it in strict accordance with the scope, use method, action concentration, and time of action strictly in accordance with the specified instructions.

Home disinfection should be scientifically standardized, avoid excessive disinfection, do not directly use disinfection agents to disinfect the human body, do not disinfect indoor air under the conditions, disinfect air without using alcohol, and do not disinfect a large area.

The disinfection agent should be stored in a cool and light -edged place to avoid children’s touch.

6. Health guidance for key groups


Elderly people still have a certain degree of fatigue after rotation of nucleic acids or antigens, and even for several weeks.If you feel fatigue, try to rest as much as possible. You can try to adjust the daily rhythm and do not do too much at a time.

If you are allowed, please elderly friends to gradually restore your daily schedule and formulate daily schedules for yourself, including sleep, meals, activities, etc.

Exercise under safety and fatigue, restore strength and endurance.If you are difficult for you, you can consider exercising on the bed or chair. Starting from the stretching movement, you can gradually increase the amount of activity, such as housework, walking, Tai Chi, Eight Duanjin, etc.At the beginning of exercise, start from 5-10 minutes, and then add one minute a day. If you are worried about falling, please exercise when you have a family or friends.If you feel dizzy, chest pain or dyspnea during exercise, stop rest and consult your doctor.

Drink 1500-2000ml of water every day. There are no lack of three meals a day. You can add meals appropriately.It is recommended to record daily food to help understand if you eat a healthy diet.

Keep social connection.Talk to your loved ones and people you trust as much as possible every day.

Try to think about three happy things every day, try to repeat the words "relax" and "calm" during deep breath, and try to avoid negative or unhealthy ideas;, Seeking social psychological support.

List an emergency telephone number: such as telephone number of nearby medical institutions, social psychological support, help hotline, family doctors, family members, friends, etc.

After the elderly with basic diseases infected with the new coronal virus, the basic disease will increase.If the elderly with hypertension may be unstable after infection, the blood glucose may be unstable after infection with diabetes, and the risk of cerebral infarction or bleeding after the infection of cerebrovascular disease.wait.The elderly have treated nucleic acids or antigen detection to yin, but the aggravated basic diseases may not be stable. It is necessary to closely monitor blood pressure, blood sugar, and finger oxygen saturation.Adjust the basic disease treatment plan.

Pregnant woman

Regardless of the gestational week, the pregnant woman’s new crown virus should pay attention to rest within 1-2 weeks after the infection of the infection of the infection of the infection, and the rest can be performed appropriately, but the strength of the exercise should not be too large, the time should not be too long, and step by step.Before exercise, you should warm up, and proper water replenishment before and after exercise.If there is a threatened abortion, pre -placenta and other unsuitable exercise, you should follow the doctor’s advice.

Pay attention to reasonable and sufficient nutritional intake throughout pregnancy.

Keeping a happy mood and stable mood, you don’t have to worry too much about the adverse effects on the fetal virus infection. At present, it is believed that the virus virus is spread vertically to the fetus to cause intrauterine infection to be very small, and generally it will not cause malformations.

Pregnant examinations should be used for regular pregnancy, and pregnant women in the middle and late pregnancy should monitor fetal movements by themselves.If there are abnormal fetal movement, abdominal pain, abdominal discomfort, vaginal hemorrhage and other symptoms, you should go to the hospital immediately.

Children and adolescent

Generally speaking, most of the prognosis of children and adolescents infected with new coronal virus is good, showing the course of self -limiting diseases, and the chance of severe complications and sequelae is extremely low.Parents should first maintain a peaceful mentality to understand the natural disease of the new coronal virus infection, but to be anxious.

Continue to protect and develop good hygiene habits.

(1) Do not bring children and adolescents to densely crowded places, indoors with poor ventilation, or have been in contact with others for a long time.Wear masks (children over 3 years old) when going out, try to keep distance from others.

(2) In the long -term home, indoor ventilation should be done.Try to choose to ventilate when children and adolescents go out or ventilate each room.

(3) After family members go home, they should wash their hands, wash their faces, change clothes, and then contact their children.If you have respiratory tract infections in your home, you should be isolated from your child and a mask.

(4) Guide children and adolescents to develop good hygiene habits. Before meals, sneeze, sneeze, cough and clean nose, wash their hands after going out and return.

Develop good living habits and enhance your own resistance.

(1) Regular schedule and sufficient sleep.Go to bed and get up on time. Sleep at least 12 hours a day within 1 year old. The kindergarten is 11 hours before the kindergarten, the kindergarten is 10 hours, primary school students are at least 9 hours a day, and middle school students are 8 hours.

(2) Step by step and exercise.After the new crown virus is infected with recovery, it is recommended to gradually increase outdoor activities and physical exercise. The intensity is advisable to have no discomfort for children.

(3) Three meals, balanced diet.Do not eat or picky, cultivate healthy eating habits.

(4) Others: reasonably increase or decrease clothing, pay attention to mental health.

Correctly treat the symptoms of recovery period.Some children and adolescents will continue to cough for a period of time after the new coronal virus infection.If the general situation is good, it does not affect daily life, no special treatment is required, and the application of antitussive drugs is usually not advocated.However, if the children originally had bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, etc., the cough time was still not restored for more than 3 weeks.

Congenital heart disease, chronic pulmonary disease, nervous system disease, severe malnutrition, tumor, obesity, diabetes or genetic diseases, immune defects or long -term use of immunosuppressive agents, premature babies or newborns, etc.Parents should be vigilant.When the child continues to high heat for more than 3 days, the breathing is rapid, the mental is sluggish, the chest tightness or the chest pain or the disease is aggravated, they should seek medical treatment in a timely manner.

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