Couples love forty days.

On August 22, 2018, the Jiangxi Police found a 60 -year -old man in a 60 -year -old man who passed the vehicles and personnel who passed the road.The man was panicked, and after verifying his identity, he found that he turned out to be a fugitive that was wanted online by the public security department.What he was involved was a intentional injury case that happened in Shanghai two years ago.

Lao Ye’s son, Mr. Ye, is 46 years old, divorced single, and runs a company in Shanghai.In the Spring Festival 2016, through a blind date website, he met Qian Qian, who was 15 -year -old, and the two quickly fell in love.After 40 days in love

Sissi found that she was pregnant!

Mr. Ye started to leave the child first, so the two began to prepare for the wedding.But after Mr. Ye and his parents met with Qian Qian, his father Lao Ye had different opinions.After listening to his father’s words, Mr. Ye also wanted to let Sissi kill the child in his belly, but this made it difficult for Sissi to accept it.

Mr. Ye promised to compensate Sissi, but couldn’t talk about the price.For this reason, the parents of the two sides are about to talk about it.Unexpectedly, after Qian Qian took his parents and his brother to Mr. Ye’s house, the two sides began a chaotic battle.

Because the woman’s father was young and burly, Lao Ye couldn’t beat it. After angry, he pulled out a fruit knife from his pocket and stabbed two knives towards Qian Qi’s father.

After stabbing Qian Qian’s father, Lao Ye fled back to his hometown.After learning that the police arrested himself everywhere, he lived in his hometown in his hometown, and was arrested by the police until he passed the road.

Lao Ye’s two knives caused minor injuries to Qian Qi’s father’s legs, and his brother’s face was also made of minor injuries by Lao Ye with a knife.During his father’s hospitalization, Sissi went to the hospital alone to kill the abdomen.In the following two years, Mr. Ye did not show up, and he did not compensate Qian Qian and her family.It wasn’t until Lao Ye was arrested that Mr. Ye hired a lawyer to talk to Sissi’s family and eventually compensated 400,000 yuan.

On November 16, 2018, the Pudong New District People’s Court made a first trial judgment on the case.The defendant Lao Ye was sentenced to nine months in prison for intentional injury and one year in probation.A relationship ended in this way, and the two people who had fallen into the love river at the time of lightning at the speed of the river never thought of it anyway.Sociologists also remind young people to grasp the speed of love and see their responsibility.

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