Crayon Shin -new character spirit

Noda Sunflower, Nobita, Kobaya, and my brother Nodhara Nago Name, lived in Haruki City, Saitama Prefecture. It is a baby girl who has joined the wild home less than half a year old.It is a character that joined the "Crayon Crayon" series in the second season. In episode 544, the mother was pregnant, and the 574 Episode 574 was born.There are three rolls of bangs on their foreheads. I like to do the most: watching handsome guys’ photo albums, jewelry leaflets, drinking milk, finding shiny things and jewelry.Influenced by his brother Xiaoxin, Xiaokui will also imitate his brother’s movements and expressions. Like his brother, he is a bear child who has a headache for his parents. He daily pits, pit brothers, and small white bear children.

Since the joining of Xiaokui, the timeline of the "Crayon Shin -New" series of anime has been chaotic. In order to reduce the confusion of the timeline, there are more spaces in the second season.There are two most controversy:

In the first, Xiaokui and Xiaobai who joined the wild home first.Xiaobai was adopted by Xiaoxin in the first season. In the first season, it was the fourth one to join the Noya family, but Xiaokui was interspersed later.From the first season, Xiaoxin and several friends can know that the new generation is the only child of the family, and the family is standard.Later, in order to make a big change for the animation, the character’s personality changes were represented by Nini and Zhengnan. The number of characters was typical.The addition of Xiaokui and Xiaobai has become a hot topic for everyone.

Second, little Kwai and Xiao and Xiao.Xiaocke is the son of Xiaokui Mother Wenhui. Before Xiao Kui was not joined "Crayon Shin", Xiaoxiao was born, and Xiaoxin and his mother also visited together.Xiaobai was adopted when Xiaoxin was not married. At this time, Xiaobai had lived with Xiaoxin’s family for a long time.

Later, Xiaokui also played with Xiaoxiao after joining, but Xiaokui is obviously larger than small, and has a more mature personality than small. This also means that Xiaokui is bigger than small.

In summary, I personally think that Xiaobai is larger than Xiaoshi, and Xiaobai is the fourth to join the wild home. Xiaokui was born after Xiao Bai lived in a wild house, and Xiaokui was indeed bigger than Xiao.

After Xiaokui was born, the whole family of Noda began to be busy. Misaki was busy taking care of Xiao Kwai every day, which also led Xiaoxin to be ignored by his parents. Xiaoxin also worked very hard to compete with Xiaokui. This is also Xiaoxin’s most sadness.One episode.After Xiaokui was born, Xiaoxin, who was lazy, had to take care of her sister Xiaokui. Both the TV version and the anime version had a lot of Xiaoxin’s picture alone, and even some parents suddenly became very lazy. Xiaoxin carried her own back alone.The picture of Xiaokui went to school.The most headache for Xiaoxin is the sister Xiaokui disturbing himself to see the dynamic Superman, and Xiaokui hates his brother Xiaoxin to disturb himself to see the handsome guy. He was bullied and shiny by Xiaoxin, and Xiaoxin ate Xiaoxin.Kwai’s snacks (or not to eat Xiaokui), diamond leaflets were plane by Xiaoxin.

But Xiaokui still loves and depends on his brother.In the theater version of "The Storm in the Forest" Xiaokui, Xiao Bai turned to the mountain and Yuehe to find Xiaoxin. When he saw his brother, Xiaokui cried.After Xiaokui was born, Xiaobai also often served as "brother" to take care of Xiaokui, especially at home. The lazy days before became busy, and Xiaobai also increased the task of taking care of Xiaokui.

In the TV version, the future world Xiaoki -Shinzi returned to the Xiaokui baby to visit Xiaokui. The reason why Shinzi is Xiaokui is because Shinzi knows everything about Xiaokui, the fifth season of Xiao Aihe HeheNini quarreled, and Shinzi had a reconciliation. Xiao Ai asked Shinzi how to say how Xiaoxin was like Xiaoxin. Shinzi answered "My Brother".In 2001 and 2003, the SP "Pencil" ("The Primary School Student Noduki New Assistance appeared" and "If the New Assistance is the words of the elementary school"), Xiao Xiaokui was already talking (officially set as a 1 -year -old Aoi)It is exactly the same as my brother.In the theater version "Time Time!"My Bride of the Wind and Rain", Xiao Kwai, who grew up, became a very cool international criminal police.

As the youngest sister of the Noda family, parents, brothers, Xiaobai, Grandpa family, and grandfather family all regard Xiaokui as the pearl of the palm. Xiaoxin’s friends also love Xiaokui very much, gathering thousands of pets.If there is such a little sister in the home, it must be very happy.

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