Cristiano Ronaldo kissed Georgena, his girlfriend burst into tears "dreams come true", twin handsome male body darts grab mirror

The "I am Georgena" produced by Net Fei’s company has been officially launched a few days ago. As a special documentary of Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgena, it will fully show the growth history of this football "Cinderella". I will introduce her to her.How to change from an ordinary cabinet sister to a girlfriend of football superstar.At the same time, Georgena also ushered in her 28th birthday. In order to congratulate her beloved, C Rot spent money to light up Dibaita and took her a birthday party with her family.On January 28th, Georgena dynamically shared sweet photos on social media. In the photo, Ronaldo kissed George, very sweet and affectionate, with a text: dreams come true.

Georgina, born in 1994, was not able to enjoy a wealthy life from the beginning. Before meeting Ronaldo, she was just a salesperson at the street luxury store. Many relatives at home needed her to support it. In order to maintain her livelihood, GeorgenaI have to fight several jobs.George is lucky because she met Ronaldo Ronaldo at the best age and successfully captured the heart of the football superstar, followed by a huge return.Today, George has millions of fans, and sending a dynamics casually can trigger heated discussions on the Internet. She also takes this opportunity to develop towards the fashion industry, and her personal wealth has quickly appreciated.

Of course, than the rapid development of her career, George’s emotional life has become more stable, and Ronaldo’s love for her is more deeper, which makes George even more happy.January 27th is George’s 28th birthday. C Ratter spent thousands of dollars to lit Dibaita and display the huge portrait of his lover on the electronic screen. This is not the treatment that anyone can enjoy. Even if you have moneyNot necessarily.On the terrace not far from Dubai, Cristiano Ronaldo took the family to hold a birthday party for Georgena. Georgena was infected by the atmosphere and could not help crying happily.

It is worth mentioning that the most remarkable part of the party was Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgena, but two burly and handsome bodyguards.It is understood that the two are called Sergio and Herhe, a twin brother who once served in Afghanistan. Because of his outstanding performance, he joined the Portuguese police team after returning to China and once performed many tasks to protect important characters.However, whether the two bodyguards are still serving in the police forces today, the outside world is unknown, but they have a brother who is still Portuguese police.

Cristiano Ronaldo is usually busy and often not at home. Considering that Georgena is pregnant with the six armor, it is not convenient to act. For safe thinking, Portuguese superstar hires the brother as a bodyguard, which also shows that the richness can really solve many problems.Last year, it was reported that Ronaldo and Georgena were about to get married, but now they seem to be catching the wind.Seeing that Georgen was about to give birth to the fifth and 6th children of Ronaldo, the two still did not show signs of marriage. They also needed to wait until Ronaldo’s official retirement before they would really consider this problem.

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