Daily cups Cubi Cubi?Be careful of stones risk

In the "6 · 18" year -old promotion activity, vitamin C supplements were sold fiery.In daily life, many people prefer vitamin C in order to resist cold, anti -flu, and even prevent "Eryang".Among the dazzling vitamin C supplementary agents, Po Teng films are most popular with young people and children.

Throwing a bubble tablet into the glass, accompanied by "Zizi", full of healing sound, the bubbles began to turn up and down, and after a while, a cup of sweet and sour summer "drink" appeared.In summer, can bubble tablets be consumed frequently?Is vitamin C bubble tosses better than other supplements?Do ordinary people need to supplement vitamin C?In this regard, Yuan Haiyan, deputy director of Xiangya Second Hospital of Central South University, reminded that many people have misunderstandings about vitamin C. Vitamin C in life should not be taken for a long time because of high sodium content, high blood pressure and other 5 types of peopleNot suitable for taking.

More than 2000 mg per day can increase risks such as stones

In the eyes of most people, vitamin C is a "magic" existence.When I was a child, adults often said that eating more vegetables and fruits to supplement vitamin C to enhance resistance; colds and fever, oral long ulcers to eat a few vitamin C to help recover … So what is the effect of vitamin C?Can you treat a cold?Do you make up more?

"Vitamin C is mainly used to prevent and treat scurvy, acute and chronic infectious diseases, and treat liver damage caused by chronic poisoning caused by chronic poisoning of liver sclerosis and arsenic, mercury, lead, and benzene." Yuan Haiyan said that vitamin C is also calledConditional hemorrite is a kind of water -soluble vitamin that can speed up wound healing, promote the absorption of calcium iron in the intestine, enhance the resistance to infection, participate in detoxification, lipid metabolism, collagen and neurotransal synthesis.It is essential.

Many people think that if you have a cold, you need to supplement vitamin C. In fact, the cause of a cold is not necessarily because of the lack of vitamin C. Most of the causes of modern medicine believe that the cause of cold is mostly caused by virus infections.The US Food and Drug Administration has also pointed out that there is no scientific evidence and no important research can indicate that vitamin C has the effect of preventing colds.

Why do some people feel effective for treating colds?Yuan Haiyan said that this is because vitamin C has no effect on cold virus, but supplementing vitamin C every day can improve the body’s immunity, enhance resistance to the virus, reduce cold symptoms and shorten the cold time.But taking a large amount of vitamin C in order to prevent colds is completely unnecessary, and there are still risks.

The vitamin C is most afraid of excessive amount. The "Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines (2022)" recommends that the daily vitamin C intake of adults is 100 mg. In order to achieve the purpose of preventing chronic diseases, the daily intake can be increased to 200 mg.The maximum daily tolerance is 2000 mg.Adults can meet the needs of daily vitamin C if they consume 300 to 500 grams of vegetables and 200 to 350 grams of fruits per day.If the vitamin C is more than 2000 mg of vitamin C every day, the risk of urinary stones, abdominal pain and diarrhea, and vascular edema can be increased.

Taking vitamin C bubbles, the risk of risk is more hidden

Recently, in the middle and secondary promotion activities of the e -commerce platform "6 · 18", many merchants’ vitamin C bubble tablets have a monthly sales of more than 10,000 orders, and some merchants are close to 100,000 orders.

"Most of the foam tablets are fruit -flavored, which can make a glass of plain white boiled water drinking a drink. This is a key reason for the popular." Yuan Haiyan introduced that the vitamin C content in the foam tablet is high.The models are 500 to 1000 mg/piece, so be careful not to excess when supplemented.

Although the Po Teng tablet is delicious, the sodium contains high, and the sodium contained in one tablet is between 240 and 480 mg. This is equivalent to the World Health Organization recommended to adults.1/8 or even 1/4 of the salt), for people who need to limit sodium intake, the puffing tablets are more disadvantaged to them.Therefore, five types of people such as people with high uric acid value, people with urinary stones, people with hypertension, people using anticoagulants, and children are not suitable for vitamin C soaked tosses.

When taking bubble tablets, you should also pay attention to the following points. First of all, you should not eat it. Parents should remind their children not to eat it by mistake, because the foaming tablets contain a bubble crash.The disintegration, producing a large amount of bubbles, entering the gastrointestinal tract will cause abdominal distension, abdominal pain, snoring, etc. In severe cases, entering the respiratory tract will cause cough and even suffocate.The correct method is to use water to rinse the foaming tablet, and after the bubbles are fully disintegrated and disappeared, and then shake it.

Secondly, because the pornographic tablets contain a large amount of citric acid ingredients, it will cause damage to the teeth.After taking the foaming water for the foam, it is recommended to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth in time.Avoid taking it before and before and after the brushing, and those with sensitive teeth should pay more attention to avoid aggravating the symptoms of soreness.

Again, vitamin C soaked tosses cannot be used with certain drugs. Peloxycin drugs and vitamin C can be reduced with the same efficacy, preferably 1 to 2 hours.Crystals are recommended for 2 hours, and they need to drink more water and urinate to avoid causing kidney damage.Yuan Haiyan reminded that if there is a special disease or taking the medicine, you can take the time of vitamin C for soaking tablets, or consult a doctor, and then decide whether to take it to reduce the occurrence of adverse reactions.

In the end, vitamin C foaming tablets should not be used for a long time. Do not exceed once a day. It is recommended that it does not exceed 5 days for a long time, so as not to take a large number of long -term use of dependence and cause risks when stopping.

Supplement vitamin C first recommend food supplement

How to supplement vitamin C more safely?Original Haiyan first recommended food supplements. Vitamin C mainly exists in fresh vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits are natural and healthy, and generally there is no excessive intake of vitamin C.Generally, the content of leafy vegetables is higher than the root stems, and the content of sour fruits is higher than non -sour fruits.Vitamin C content with high content of vitamin Cs includes peppers, tomatoes, rapeseed, cauliflower, mustard, etc.; Fruits with high vitamin C content include fresh dates, citrus, guava, kiwi, strawberries, etc.Because vitamin C is easily destroyed by high temperature, it is better to choose water for cooking vegetables and fry it quickly. For long -term stew and fried roasting, it will cause a lot of loss of vitamin C.

If you can’t eat normally or have a large demand, you can’t supplement enough vitamin C, you can add additional supplement.The vitamin supplements on the market are varied. There are medicines with "quasi" names, health products with "Jian" names. The price is dazzling from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars and one bottle, which is dazzling.Original Haiyan believes that ordinary medicinal vitamin C tablets are economic affordable supplements.Vitamin C drugs have undergone relevant experimental research, with exact clinical efficacy and relatively cheap prices.There are few experiments in health products. In order to improve the taste, some manufacturers often add many ingredients, such as flavors, lemon yellow, and sodium sugar, and the price is relatively expensive.(All media reporter Xu Yuan)

Source: Changsha Evening News

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